12th BN, 80th Anniversary Parade and Family Day

OC 12th Bn and Officers awaiting the
arrival of OC 1 Brigade

Is there a smaller one, for us to play with

Members of Post 6, IUNVA with
Brigade OC Paddy Flynn

Sgt majors Dave Galvin and Stan Hurley

IUNVA and ONE on Parade

Michael Rama Walsh and Paddy Flynn

- -, Rama Walsh, Frankie Quinlivan, Noel Kelly Michael Dusty OReilly, Paddy

Bn Pennants on Parade

They look very happy

Pa Hogan, Frankie Quinlivan, Noel Kelly, Michael J hogan, Brian McMahon, Jerome DeLoughrey, Tony Stack

IUNVA Pers on Parade

New Style Obstacle Course for 12th

12th on Parade

Christy OConnor, Chris Barr, Tony Stack

12th Bn OC Robbie Kiely, Brigade OC
Paddy Flynn, Comdt Slattery with
members of 12th BN PDF and RDF


Capt Brian Lynch, - -

OC 12th thanking the 2 to 3 Stars for
their display

Father Piotr, blessing the members of 12th Bn

Frank OBrien Cobh, Billy McNamara, John Mullane, Cyril Shanahan

Rama , Brian and Frankie

Charlie is impressed by the fare served up by the Dining Hall staff

We may as well get into the photo as well as the Major

Can we move the cherry picker now, Rama

The recruits are getting younger

Camouflage training class

Brigade OC Paddy Flynn, Comdt Slattery,
Sgt Major Dave Galvin and Sgt Major
Stan Hurley

Advanced camouflage course

Pa Hogan, Robbie Kiely, Paddy Flynn,
Dave Galvin, Stan Hurley, Cyril Shanahan

StJohn McCloskey and Family

ONE with Brigade OC Paddy Flynn

Waiting for the Brigade OC

Robie Kie;ly, Billy McNamara, John Mullane, Paddy Flynn, MJ Hogan, Cyril Shanahan, Mikey McEvoy

At ease

Paddy Flynn, Vinny Lyons

Brigade OC Paddy Flynn addresses the Parade

Addressing the troops

Mind that vehicle, we need it tomorrow

Di, Kevin and Noel

what do you think, Lavinia Heffernan and the troops

Martin Kiley, - -, Pat Brosnahan

12th Bn on Parade with IUNVA and ONE members

12th Bn salute the Brigade OC

Inter Services Competition

Make sure there are no kinks in that

Competition Brief

That's a long rope, pal

Oh god, what have we signed up for

Go on, get over


Army team with Stan Hurley

What do I do with this

Yes I did it

Pre Competition Brief in Kickham Hall

Spectators showing a keen interest in the
competition. Eugene Shanahan, Mick Bullman,
Jimmy OCallaghan, next year lads

Emergency Services team

Lets have some fun

Those 2 left me chained to the bench

Objection, the Tyres are too small

Army team 2, with Stan

That's a long rope

Garda team 1

Combined teams after the Competition

Army team with subs

Will we make them go around again

Resus time

These Tyres are grand

Garda 2

St John McCloskey, Liam Slattery, Noel Mulcahy,
Mick Bullman, Stan Hurley, Jimmy OCallaghan

Shannon Fire and Rescue, objecting to the Tyre

This is one heavy body

Where do I go to withdraw

This tyre is getting heavier

Sgt Major Stan Hurley with the winning Army Team

Health and Safety, said carry one each

Foul, he has a shorter lent to pull

Shannon Airport Fire and Rescue team

Keep going, if we lose you are walking to the

God help anyone if he is on duty the weekend

Stan Hurley congratulating the competitors

Robbie Kiely presenting prizes to the
Emergency Service team

Mess president Ian Ryan, welcoming all to the
prize giving

Robbie Kiely presenting prizes