Looking for names and possible date. We think it is late 1950s.
We also think that some of these were from Clonmel, any help would be appreciated
Back row, 2nd left Pa McNamara, 3rd left Wopper Kennedy, 5th Tommy OLoughlin, 6th Arthur Riordan.
Front Row, right Mucks Ryan RIP

Ger Hannon, Anna Rice, George Ryan and Ken OBrien. On the occasion of the first Scobie Rice Tournament

3rd from R back,  PD, 2nd from R BT Wall, 4th L front J Moloney, 2nd R front Paddy Davin 2nd L back Curly Connelly, next to Jim Moloney, Paddy OBrien

Back, D Ahern, M Timmons,M McMahon, J
Keane, K OBrien, P Ahern, B McNamara, P OCallaghan, M Ryan, B Lysaght, C Thompson. Front F Bolger, R Flynn, G Boland, G Hartigan,
J Mulqueen RIP. This was an Inter Firm Cup
Final, that we lost on pens.

Back F Sheehan, J OCallaghan, F Bolger, P McCormack, J McCarthy, P Ahern, S Browne, C Shanahan, K OBrien, M Noonan RIP, D Hickey. Front S Hickey, C Healy, M ODriscoll, T Buckley, K Walsh, C Ryan, A ONeill

Back P Flynn, - -, - -, G OBrien, JJ ruane, - -, - -,
N OMeara. Front M Lane, D Enright, W Hogan, R ODwyer, - -, P Hogan, N Roche, T Murphy

Back, C ODonnell, P Roche, M Jordan, T ORegan,
C Coleman, P OLoughin, P Murray. Front J Ward,
- Mulcahy, F Molowney, H Naughton, N Lysaght.

C Division Winners, Back D Lyons, K OGrady, J DeLoughrey, M Finucane, D Enright, D Vaughan, T Carroll RIP, G Ryan, T Hannon, R Hehir, J Hartigan RIP. Front T Casey, G hartigan, M OConnor, N Moloney, W OShaughnessy, G Hogan, John Laing RIP

12 Bn Over 35 team, Back, T Casey, G OBrien, C Shanahan, T McMahon, G Ryan, J Nash, D
Ahern. Fron, R Flynn, J Deloughrey, A OGrady,
G Hogan, W OShaughnessy, T Hannon

Back  J Nash, T Carroll RIP, D Lyons, G Boland,
B McNamara, S Brady, P McCormack. Front S Hickey, G Hogan, G Hartigan, J Walsh, P Hogan,
M ODriscoll

Back D Cusack, PJ Hogan, D Lyons, D Enright, GOBrien, M Finucane, J Nash, J Walsh, S Hickey. Front P McCormack, T Carroll RIP, N OGrady RIP, P Hogan, G Hogan, J Mullane, G Boland, G Hartigan, v 4th Bn in Cork

Half time Team talk in Cork. J Mullane, T Carroll RIP, T Leahy, S Hickey, P McCormack, G Hogan

Back M OCallaghan, R Flynn, T Hannon, S
OGrady RIP, S OCallaghan, K OBrien, R Hehir. Front M Lysaght, T Casey, P Hogan, P Power, J Deloughrey, S Finucane

Back, K OGrady, G hayes, L McMarlowe RIP, J Thompson, L OCallaghan, G Williams, M Cronin. Front, T Punch, M Brosnahan, J Laing RIP, D Obrien RIP, G Carmody

Back P Kelly, G Hartigan, - -, M Noonan RIP, D Browne, - -, J Mullane, P McCormack, M Finucane. Front J ORourke, P Hogan, S Hickey,
G Hogan, W OShaughnessy, J Mullane, M ODriscoll, C ODwyer RIP.

Back, P Kelly, P McCormack, J Walsh, D Lyons,
M McNamara, M ODriscoll, J Mullane, C Ryan,
C Thompson. Front C ODwyer RIP, J Nash, W OShaughnessy, P Hogan, G Hogan, N OGrady
RIP, J McCormack. Winners of Inter Firm A Div Cup

Pa Hogan, Mick ODriscoll, Ger Hogan, Paul Hogan, Johnny Mullane, Ken OBrien, Pat McCormack, plus wives at an Inter Firm Awards night in the Two Mile Inn

Action from an Inter Firm Rugby game v Local Corporation. Included, 8 Dermot McNamara, 9 Billy ODoherty, Harry Ryan looking around, Joe Ryan, Mousey Thompson, Ray Hehir Blue socks

Inter Firm Team, Gus Cleary, Rory Flynn, Ger OBrien, Mike McEvoy, Stephen OGrady RIP,
John ONeill, Joe Nash, Mark Sommers, Ger Carmody, Martin OConnor, Kevin OGrady, Tommy McMahon, John Laing RIP. Donal
Lyons, Seamie Finucane, Pat McCormack,
Paulie Power, Paul Hogan, Willie
OShaughnessy, Tommy Carroll RIP, Tom Leahy. Paul and Patrick McCormack in front. 1991/92

- -, Mick OConnell, Jerome Deloughrey, Ger Ralph, Pat OCallaghan, Ray Hehir, Frank Meaney, - -. - OLoughlin, Noel Roche, Tony Stack, Joe Kelly, Mick Mulcahy, - -,

Blackie Lysaght, Martin OConnor, Pat
OCallaghan, Tommy Carroll RIP, Ger OBrien,
Pat McCormack, Billy ODoherty, Mick Finucane, Mark Sommers, Willie OShaughnessy

Ger Hartigan, Ger Thompson, Donal Lyons,
Mick ODriscoll, Mick McNamara, Johnny Mullane, Noel OFrady RIP, Jamie Keane, Pa Hogan, Christy ODwyer RIP, Pat McCormack, James Walsh, Willie OShaughnessy, Ger Hogan, Tommy Carroll RIP, Paul Hogan, John ORourke

Action from 4th v 12th in Camp Field Cork, Donal Enright looks on as Johnny Mullane (9) challenges

12th Bn v Parkville for Pat Curtin Cup. Liam OCallaghan, - -, Rory Flynn, Joe Nash, Tommy Carroll RIP,Mousey Thompson, John Moloney,
 - -, Mike Kelly, Paulie Power, Tony Hannon, - -, Jerome Deloughrey, Brian Lynch, Willie OShaughnessy, Terry Casey, Martin OConnor

12 Bn Cross Country Team

Mick Timmons, Liam sheehan, Mick Condon, Tony OGorman, - -,

Tony OGorman, Bobby Rice, Declan Clancy,
Mick Timmons

- -, Andy Cawley, - -, Neville Furlong RIP, Mark Sommers, Stan Hurley, - -, - - , --, Sean OCallaghan, Paul Hogan

Anna Rice presents Rory Flynn with his medal

Another great save by Mousey Thompson

Artie OGrady, Tony Gardiner,
Tommy Carroll RIP, Paddy Considine

24 Hour Soccer Marathon, in Bks. Larry
Johnson white top, Ger Gardiner carrying water bottle

Martin OConnor, Mick OCallaghan, Artie
OGrady, Bobby Rice, Ken OBrien

Johnny Mullane, Ger Hartigan, Maurice OLeary, Eddie OByrne, - -, Ger Gardiner, Gerry Carroll, Ger Thompson, Johnny McCormack

12th Bn B v C teams Inter Firm, Mick Finucane taking a shot

Bernard McCarthy RIP, Danny Nugent RIP, Tex ORegan

Bn Gun Pull for Charity. Connie Morrissey, Butcher OGray, Gus Cleary, Slim Ryan, Mick ODonnell RIP, Declan OBrien RIP, Mick OConnell, Mick Woodland, Mikey McEvoy,
Eddie Higgins

Bn Boxing Team, Back, Pat Prenderville, Christy Kelly RIP, Front Christy Kelly Jnr, Noel Pearse, Noel Moloney

Brigade Badminton, Jimmy Nash RIP,
Mick Egan, Gerry Hall, John OHara, Noel
Walsh RIP, Sean OMeara RIP, Pat McGarry,
Donal Lyons, - -, - -,

Colin Haugh, Sean Hickey, Mikey McEvoy,
Davey Browne

Colm Doyle, Anna Rice, Cyril Shannahan, Bobby Rice

Colin Haugh, Mikey McEvoy, Sean Hickey

Mick Bullman, Shane ODwyer, John Corrigan, Seamie Finucane, Tony Deloughrey, Jerome Deloughrey, Liam Liddy, Gary OConnor, Bill Hillard, Mike OConnor. Bn cross country team

Martin OConnor, Artie OGrady, Mick Timmons, Cyril Shannahan receiving the Scobie Rice Trophy from Sgt Major McKenna Eastern Command

Cunningham Cup Winners 1986

Mick Finucane, Joe Nash, Willie OShaughnessy, Donal Enright, Don Carey, Ger OBrien,  Mick McNamara, Tommy carroll RIP, Paul Hogan, Tony Byrnes, Billy ODoherty, Pat McCormack, Donal Lyons, Johnny Mullane, Phoncie Franklin, - -, Ger Hogan, - Fitz, Blackie Lysaght, Ger Hartigan, Cunningham Cuo winners 88 or 89

Cunninghan Cup Semi Final v Curragh Comd,
86. Donal Lyons, Mick Leamy, Noel Ogrady RIP, Pat McCormack, Mike ODriscoll, John ORourke, Mick McNamara, James Walsh, Sean Hickey, Jamie Keane, Cyr Thompson, Pa Hogan, Joe Ocallaghan, Happy ODywer RIP, Ger Hartigan, Willie OShaughnessy, Tommy Carroll RIP, Ger Hogan, Paul Hogan, Mick Finucane

Members of 12 Bn and Eastern Command,
1st scobie Rice Over 35 game played in Cathal Brugha Barracks, 12th won 5,4 after trailing 4,nil. Cyril Shannahan, George Ryan, PJ Hogan, Tony Hannon, Pa Hogan, Rory Flynn, Eamon Mullane, Pat McCormack, Martin OConnor, Ken Obrien, Windy Hogan, Willie OShaughnessy, Pat OCallaghan, Artie OGrady, Mick Timmons, Ger Hartigan

12 Bn Gym team display, Bill Hillard in flying form

Frank ORegan RIP, - -, Arthur Riordan RIP, Gerry Carroll

Noel Walsh RIP presents Gerry Hall with a Brigade Medal, Jimmy Nash RIP

Mick ORiordan, Christy Tobin, Gerry McNamara, Christy tydings, Martin Kennelly, Bob McCarthy, Gary Murphy, PJ Bennis RIP, Ray Frawley RIP, - -, Ger Hartigan, Tony Jackson

Larry Johnson, Tony Jackson, Christy Tobin, - -, PJ Bennis RIP, Martin Kennely, Tony Slattery, Jackie Ward, Ray Frawley RIP, Arthur Riordan RIP, John Casey, John Corrigan

Christy Tobin, - -, Martin Kennelly, - -, Mick ORiordan, Ger Hartigan, Mick OShaughnessy,Ray Frawley RIP, Christy Tydings, Arhtur Riordan RIP, PJ Bennis RIP, Tony Jackson

Declan Fitzgerald, Noel Kelly, - -, Jerome Deloughrey, Mick Bullman, PJ Bennis RIP, Liam Liddy, Mick Mulcahy

Gym Display Team, - Higgins, Jerome Deloughrey, Paul Higgins, Mick OConnor, Mick Timmons, Mark OConnor

Gym Team Display in Sarsfield Barracks. Mick Bullman and PJ Bennis RIP, instructors

Bill Hillard practicing on the Bars

Jack Curran, Donal Lyons, - Mason, Paul Higgins, - Higgins, Christy Kelly, Ray Frawley RIP, Jerome Deloughrey, - -,

Donal Lyons, Noel Kelly, Bill Hillard, J Curran, Paul Higgins, Saw Laemy, David Kelly, - -, Tony Deloughrey

Happy ODwyer RIP, Joe Nash,
Mick Noonan RIP

Sigs Pln Indoor soccer, John Ahern RIP, John OConnor, Martin OConnor RIP, Noel OGrady RIP, Ken OBrien

D Cronin, Martin OConnor RIP, Declan OBrien RIP, Sean OConnor RIP, John Laing RIP, Mick Timmons, Paul OBrien RIP, John OConnor, Noel OGrady RIP, Ken OBrien, John Ahern RIP, Sean McNicholl RIP.

Back, Gus Cleary, Tony Gardiner, Butcher
OGrady, Tom Leahy, Eamon Mullane, Rory Flynn, Artie OGrady, Martin OConnor RIP, Pat OCallaghan, Tommy McMahon, Eddie OByrne, Gerry Williams, Ger Hartigan. Front, Hughie Ryan, Mick Timmons, Pa Hogan, Donie Ahern, John OBrien, Declan OBrien RIP, Sean Hickey, Billy Kiely, Jimmy OSullivan, John Thompson

Jason Boyce, Tommy Boyce, Mick ODriscoll, John Cremmins, Eddie OByrne

Joe Blake RIP, John Corbett, Pakie Kelly, Mick Carroll

12 Bn Boxing Greats, Jerome Deloughrey,
Gerry Barry, Tony Deloughrey

Johnny Mullane tormenting the 4th Bn defence again

Treaty 300 Game, 12th Bn v Limerick FC. Kevin ODriscoll, Windy Hogan 12 Bn Capt, Tony Ryan, Johnny Mullane Limerick Capt, Paddy Walsh

Liam OCallaghan, Billy McNamara, Ger
Carmody, Mick Timmons

Larry OConnor presents Johnny Mullane with a trophy, Colm Doyle, Mick Egan and Gerry Carroll all look on.

Treaty 300, Limerick selection

Mick Timmons and Tony Hannon with the
Pat Curtin Cup

Mick McNamara about to save the dogs

Newspaper Cutting of the Gym Team in action

Joe Kelly, Mick Brosnahan, Mikey Cronin

Noel Walsh, Tony Deloughrey, Bill Dollard RIP, Tommy Hartigan

O35s relaxing in Cathal Brugha before going out and celebrating winning the first Scobie Rice, Rory Flynn standing, Frosty McCormack, Eamonn Mullane, Mick Timmons

Games action from the old Privates, now NCOs
Mess. Lou Hayes throwing darts

Donal OSullivan RIP, Paddy Considine, Liam OCallaghan, Jerome Deloghrey, Willie OShaughnessy, Artie OGrady, George Ryan,Another Scobie Rice presentation

Ray Frawley RIP, PJ Bennis RIP in the gym

Paul Hogan collecting the Pat Curtin Cup

Paul Hogan

Paul Hogan, Johnny Mullane and Windy Hogan on International Military Team

Paul Hogan and terry Casey celebrating with the
Pat Curtin Cup

Bn Christmas Run in Clonmel, Hq Coy, Pakie Kelly, DJ Cronin, Cyril Shannahan, Jimmy Noonan, Mike OConnor, Ken OBrien

12Bn Rugby making a presentation to Young Munster Rugby Club. Mick ODonnell, Ray Hehir, Billy McNamara, Tom Leahy, Ger Hartigan, Paul Hogan, Harry Ryan, Jim Ryan, Noel Moloney, Mick Lane, Pa Hogan, Tony Ledger, Cecil McMahon, Podger Healy, Tony Hickey, Gerry Carroll, Jamie Keane, Murty Hanley

Comd/Brigade Rugby Team, Shay -, - -, - -, Noel OMara, Tom Quirke, Jim Ryan, - -, - -.
Joe Kelly, - -, Shane ODwyer, Noel Moloney, R ODonovan, Ger Hartigan, Jamie Keane

Stan Hurley, Tommy Boyce, - -, Gerry Williams, Willie Quinn, Mick Tobin, Mick Carroll, Paul Ledger, Frank Meaney, - -, John Corbett, Noel Mulcahy, Terry Casey, Mick OConnor

12Bn Block for An Cosantoir Run

Presentation of Scobie Rice Trophy to 12 Bn by
Anna Rice, Ger Hartigan, Anna Rice, Mick
Timmons, Martin OConnor RIP, Windy Hogan,
Willie OShaughnessy, Ken OBrien

Willie OShaughnessy, Jimmy OSullivan, Mick Timmons, Paul Hogan

Still unable to place this. Declan Martin, - -,
John Moloney, Liam OCallghan, Ger OBrien,
Ger Hartigan. Terry Caey, Willie ODoherty, Jerome Deloughrey, Willie OShaughnessy,
Mark Sommers, Ken OBrien, Donal Lyons

Southern Command Penthatlon Winners,  Shane ODwyer, Bill Hillard, Liam Liddy, Gary OConnor, Jerone Deloughrey, Mick OConnor

Terry Casey on the Shannon to Limerick run

Tony Deloghrey on the Christmas run in Clonmel

Tommy Carroll RIP and Donal Lyons on duty in
the Treaty 300 game

John ORourke, Sean Hickey, Derek Lambe, Mick McNamara, Joe Nash, Johnny McCormack, Windy Hogan, Mick Leamy, having just lost to the Western Command in the Cunninghan Cup

 - -, Jimmy OSullivan, Tony Hickey, - -

Windy Hogan, Ger Hartigan, Eamon Mullane,
Arti OGrady. First Scobie Rice game in Dublin

Windy Hogan receives the A Division Inter Firm Cup from Joe McKeown RIP, Cyr Thompson minds the ball

Paddy Murray, Fintan Molowney, - -, - -, Bill Mulcahy, - -, Back - -, - -, Harry Naughton, - -, Jimmy Roche, - - , - -, Tex Regan, Jackie Ward, - -,

Gym Team 1981, Donal Lyons, - Curran, Mick OConnor, Jerome Deloughrey, Paul Higgins, Mick Bullman, Bill Hillard, Punchy ODonnell, PJ Bennis RIP, Gary OConnor, Dave Kelly, Saw Leamy, D Kelly