Stand down Parade for Larry OConnor RIP

Tony Byrnes, Peter McNamara, Ger
Boland, John Boland, Johnny
Colm Ryan, Colin Haugh. On stand by in
McKee Bks Kildare for Portlaoise Prison

Seamie Finucane, Paulie Power, cant
touch us we have the 4x2 to show how
important we are

Christy Pickford, - -, Ger Carmody,
Billy Curtin

Mick Timmons, Arty OGrady, Pat Duffy

Mick Timmons, Mikes Kiely RIP,
Martin Kiely

Tony Kelliher RIP, Dermot Hickey,
Mattie Gardiner

GOH, Paul John Paul 11, 1979. From Left
Tony Lynch RIP, Mick Boland, Pat Brinn
RIP. Officer Capt Dermot Murphy.

From Left, Peter Daly, Arthur Riordan
Joe Touchstone RIP, Larry OConnor,
Frank Kiely RIP,
Peter Organ, PaddyCuddihy RIP,
Paddy Franklin, Billy OBrien, Pakie
Noonan RIP, Ger Gosgrave. On the
occasion of Billy OBrien's retirement

Billy Bushmills McNamara RIP, Terry

Friday Club, visit to Sarsfield Barracks
Feb,19. Photo Rama

John Mullane, Tony Kelliher RIP, Mick

John Price, Dave McInerney, Frankie
Quinlivan, Gary OConnor, Anthony
McNally, Mick Corbett in the rear

Cyril Shanahan, Willie Keane RIP, Dermot
OKeffee, Tommy Carroll

Dusty OReilly, Rama Walsh, Damien
OReilly. Photo Rama

Emma Harris, Emmet Lundy, Dutchy

National Day of Commenoration 2017,
Photo Rama

Colum Ryan RIP, Foncie Franklin.

Dusty OReilly, Paul Hogan

Christmas Jinks, Josh Carroll, Paddy
McCormack RIP, Ger Healy, Billy
McNamara, Denis Cusack, Santa, Ger
Gardiner, Charlie Hennigar, - -, - -,
Johnny Kiely RIP, - -, John Doyle RIP

Presentation Taj, - -, Sean OCallaghan,
Mick Shannon RIP, Connie Morrisey, - -,
Fr John OShea. Left in background Ben

Tony Millar 4th left Back Row.
Photo John Thompson

Blessing of the Shamrock, 19, Father
Piotr. Photo Rama

Father Piotr with the Barrack Choir,
Brian Lynch, Pa Hogan, Ger Kiely, Vinny
Lyons, Pa Flynn, Mick Carroll, Gerry
Frawley, Ger Enright, Pat McCormack,
John Mullane, - Frawley.
Photo Rama

Neville Furlong RIP, Pat Ohalloran 2nd
Right Back and Mark Somers
Right Back.
Photo John Thompson

Mayoral GOH, Saint Patricks Day 19,
Photo Rama

IUNVA Post 6, Saint Patricks Day Parade
19, Photo Rama

Ptes Crowley, Fennessy, Andy Tobin, Ptes
Donegan and Hannigan
Photo John Thompson

John Thompson and John Murray, in
charge of the gate, Saint Patricks Day 19.
Photo Rama

Yes Sir, I grew it myself, Butcher OGrady.
Photo Rama

Paul McGahern 2nd left Front Row,
Jimmy ODonoghue 3rd Right, Joe
Hanley 15th Bn right, Front Row
Photo John Thompson

2nd row, from left, Pat Skippy Kelly RIP,
Gerry Williams, 4th Pat Prendeville, 3rd
Row 5th left Brendan OConnor, right
John Boy Relihan. Back Row left Martin

Pat Deedigan, Eamonn Riordan, John
Cyril Shanahan, Ken OBrien, Joe Hayes,

Aidan Bourke 3rd Right, Joe Cooney 5th,
Joe Copper neck OConnor 9th and Foxy
Morrissey 10th, Back Row.Photo CS John
Thompson BSC

Mick Barry RIP, 5th from left standing.
Any other names please.
Photo Supplied by John Thompson

Photo supplied by John Thompson

Photo supplied by John Thompson

Open to correction here, Pat OHalloran
and Mark Somers on right of this.
Photo supplied by John Thompson

Stan Hurley, centre.
Photo supplied by John Thompson

Centre Back Row, Tony Millar
Photo supplied by John Thompson

Photo supplied by John Thompson

Tony Grant, Son of Felix Grant, first Irish
soldier to die on UN service, at his memorial
in Sarsfield Barracks
Photo, Rama Walsh

Andy Tobin, 4th left back row.
Photo supplied by John Thompson

Tommy Nevin, John Holden, Mick Dolan,
Tom McGrath, Tom Grace, Gerry Fitzgerald,
Seamus Dolan and Paddy Dolan,
Clonmel Vets day out

Willie Halley and Fintan Mulowney RIP.
Photo Paul Halley

At the ready, Fish Ahern, Paul Hogan,
Noel Kelly and Rama Walsh.

Memorial Mass for Aengus Murphy, Srasfield Barracks 2018.Martin Fitzpatrick, Mick Egan, Packie Kelly, Tony Stack, Brian OConnor, Comdt OSuliva, Colm Doyle, Keiran Jordan, Liam Slattery, Pa Hogan, Ken OBrien, Ger Doyle, Willie OShaughnessy, Fr Brian Whelan, Joe Hayes, John McDonnell, Ger Enright, Gerry ODoherty.
Photo, Rama Walsh

Photo supplied by John Thompson

No 16 Pln, Dec 74, Martin Culligan, 2nd row left. Not sure of some of the others

No 9 PLN, Clonmel, 1973, included. Steve OShea 3rd from right second row. Ben OBrien second left front row,
Jimmy McKell and Tommy Dorney both RIP on right of front row.

12 Bn shooting Teams. Sean OMeara, Ned Spillane, Tony OSullivan, Paddy Flynn, - -, - -, Frank Houlihan, Gerry Barry, Mick Flemming, Billy McNamara, Pat OBrien, John Graham, John Murray, - -, - -, Mick Carroll, Tom Murphy, John ONeill, Mick Consatble, Brian Lynch, John Tolton, Willie Hogan, Dave Kerin, - -.

S/Comd 12Bn Shooting Teams 1992
Back row, Paul ODwyer, Dermot McNamara, Pat OCallaghan, Brian McMahon,Mick ODwyer, Alan LeBlanc, Hoppy Keogh, Dave Kerin, Phoncie Frankilin.
Middle row, Tony OSullivan, John Cooney, Gerry Fitzgerlad, Tac ONeill, Keiran Jordan Gerry Barry, Davey Harris, Liam Keogh (Hoppy 2).
front, Brendan Healy, Ned Spillane, Seamie Dolan, Seamie McGrath, Brian Lynch, John Toltan, Mick Constable.

Clonmel, manouveres in the Racecourse, included, back row, 8 th from left Ritchie Crowe, 9th Mick Finnan, right Martin Clligan, Front, 4th from left Frankie Connolly, 9th Mick Flemming

C Cullinane, Lt Col Carey, Tom OKeffee, Tom Murphy

Pat Hannon, Frankie Fitzgibbon

Gerry Hanley, RIP, Peter McNamara,
Rita Gardiner RIP, Martin Gardiner

Gareth McNamara RIP

A BFW and Engs photo, quality not great

Diagram of 58 Pattern webbing,
British Army layout

Terry Harris RIP, Andrew Bourke 1975

Willie Maher, Andrew Bourke, Tony Deloughrey

Noel OCallaghan, 1st Fld Sigs, doing
what he does best. confuse the enemy

Jim McNamara, Niall Breen, Mick Timmons, Colin Haugh, Bernard McCarthy RIP, Hughie Ryan

Pre Retirement Course, - -, Benji ORiordan, Mick Meagher, John Doyle RIP, - -, Frank ORegan RIP, Jim Deveraux, Billy Fisher, Slim Ryan RIP. Harry Naughton, Willie Keane, - -, Benji Leahy, Fhoncie Franklin, Charlie Ryan RIP, Paddy Carmody, - -

PNO Course, - -, - -, Paddy Hanlon,
Cecil McMahon, - -, Rocky Ryan RIP, - -,
Frank Fitzgibbon, - -, - -. - -. Middle, - -,
- -, Ger Quaid, Willie Lawlor, - -, Sean
Foley, Paddy Cuddihy, - -, Tommy
Whelan, Gerry Thompson RIP, Johnny Barry RIP, Eddie OCarroll, Martin
Bedford. front. Togsie Cunneen, - -, Pat Hayes, Johnny Organ, Tony OSullivan, - -, - -, Colm Doyle, Philip Smith, Sean Kiely, John Kett, Ray Frawley RIP, Christy Kelly

Tommy Naughton, Paddy Flynn, Rocky Ryan RIP

Martin Behan RIP, Johnny Butler RIP,
- -, Ger Hogan RIP, Sean Flannagan RIP,
- Massey, Packie ODonoghue RIP,
Martin Fitzgerald, - -, Hughie Ryan,
Willie OConnell

Paul Fitzgerald ?, Richard Slattery, Tony Liddy, Noall Breen, Denis Carroll, Fish Ahern, Paul Dillon, Niall Bennis, Mick Timmons, Chris McCarhty, Martin Fitzgerald, Colin Haugh

Happy ODwyer RIP, Shane Malone on Parade, Tony Daly

- Tobin, Mick Benn RIP, Mick Finucane RIP

JP McManus, making a presentation to those that helped steward the JP McManus Clasic.. Front right, Joe Touchstone RIP.
Front, Tommy farrell, Eamonn ORiordan, JP McManus, - -, Blackie Lysaght, Joe Touchstone RIP. Back - -, - -,- -, Tony Wallace, John Hartigan, - -, Photo Credit Stephen Kelly

Mick Woodland rushing to buy drinks for Gary OConnor and Rama Walsh

Paddy Cuddihy RIP, John Corrigan

Attending the Funeral of Mick Kennedy, Ken OBrien, Ger Purcell, Rama Walsh, Donal Looney, Willie ONeill, Vinny Lyons, Willie Keane, Sean Casey

Honour Party at Mass for Deceased Members 2017.

From Front Clock wise, Colum Ryan, Muddy Mescall, Kevin Hanley, - -, Tony Gardiner, Jame Keane, Colin Haugh, Ger Micks, Happy ODwyer RIP, Jimmy OSullivan

BFW card game, John Shine, Noel Quinn,
Paul Williams, Christy Ryan RIP

Attending Mass for Deceased Members in Sarsfield Barracks 2017. Eamonn Quaid, John Mullane, Billy McNamara, Pakie Kelly, Ken OBrien, Willie Treacy, Billy McNamara, Kevin Egan, Pa Hogan, Colin Haugh, Tony Hayes, Joe Hayes,

Honpur Guard for Annual Deceased Members Commemoration

Cha Haran, Billy Morgan

Pat ODonovan, Frank greaney

Jerome Deloughrey, Sean OCallaghan, Declan Fitzgerald, Tony DeLoughrey, Dave McINerney

Liam Slattery, Paul Slattery, Paddy Flynn

Fr Seamus Madigan, Fr Brian Whelan

Tadgh McCarthy, John Thompson

John Thompson and Tadgh McCarthy doing a bit of gardening

22Bn Cadre, Gerry Mullins, Mick Shanahan, Christy Enright RIP, Noel Roche, Con Leigh, Synan OCallaghan

Rama battle ready

Tony Cock Ryan RIP, Johnny Organ

Richard Slattery, Paul Fitzgeral, Paul Dillon.


Tom OLeary, Noel Kelly, Christy Delaney, Jim Kelly, - -, Stan Hurley, Mick Reddan, Mike Hogan

Gerry Mitchell and Pat Hinchy,

Pln Reunion

Do not know which Pln this is, not the 31st.

For a few years, the 12th Bn have taken part in the Annual Limerick clean up, this is the crew from 2017

John Murray on the right, overseeing the
feeding of the heli crew

Ned Spillane, Christy Holmes, Rama Walsh, Liam Smith

- -, Donie Ahern

Pot NCOs Course, Willie OConnell, Pa OBrien,
Sean Hickey, Paddy Gleeson

A young Gerry OBrien in Clonmel, 1975

Peter McNamara, Ronny Flynn, Seamie
Martin, Willie OConnell, Mikes Kiely RIP,
Tommy McMahon, Mick Egan

Sean OMeara, Des Connolly

Tommy McMahon, Seamie Martin, Peter McNamara

Presentation to Comdt Moroney, NCOs Mess, Paddy Cuddihy RIP, Colum Ryan RIP, Goff Ledger,

Presentation to Rory Sheerin by TJ Ryan on his promotion

Saw Leamy, Liam Kenny, Gary Daly, John Mulready

Paul Dillon, - -, Noel (Hank) Butler,
Mick Corbett, John Mullane, Frosty
McCormack, Mick Deegan, Tony Gardiner

Pat Hanley, Kevin Hayes RIP, Tommy Naughton, Tony Hickey

Jim McNamara, Willie OConnell, Pakie ODonoghue RIP, Tommy McMahon, Blondie Fitzpatrick, Seamie Martin, Mick McMahon

Mick McMahon and Peter McNamara, in Lourdes

John Fennessy presentation on his retirement.

Tommy McMahon, Seamie Martin, Mick Egan, Mikes Kiely RIP

John Fennessy, George Ryan

Kilcornan Range does not look like this most of the time

Liam Daly RIP, Tom Costelloe, Donal OSullivan RIP

GOCs with Jimmy Farrell, John Mulready,
Martin OConnor, Mick Woodland, Noel
Meade RIP, Spoon Ryan, Jim Kelly, Billy McNamara, Back Eamon Mullane, Paddy

Friday Club, Mick Duffy, Pat Deedigan, Bengi Riordan, Murty Hanley, Johnny Cantillon, Cyril Shanahan, Pa Hogan, Billy McNamara, Chris Barr, Denis Carroll

Gerry Brosnan, Pat Nash, no bother Sir

FCA Cadres on the Range

Bengi Riordan, Murty Hanley, Mick ODonnell RIP, Ken OBrien, Mick ODriscoll, Dave McInerney, Denis Carroll, Chris Barr, attending the Friday Club.

Friday Club, Ken OBrien, Pat Deedigan, Eddie Higgins, Joe Hayes, Pat Hinchey, Sean Collopy, harry Byrnes, Gerry Barry, Pa Hogan

Andy Sullivan, Terry Casey, - -, - -, Mick Hickey, Tom Dower, John Murray, - -, John ONeill, Billy McNamara, Ray Smith, Gerry Dineen

Coy Exercise in Kilworth

Alan Hannafin, Jerome Deloughrey, Andy Tobin

Billy McNamara, Mick Carroll, Gerry Kelly RIP

Engineers on Camp, Jim Deveraux

Pipe Band in Lourdes, Mick Egan, Hughie Ryan, Jim McNamara, Ronny Flynn, Willie OConnell, Pakie ODonoghue RIP, Tommy McMahon, Peter McNamara at back

Tadgh McCarthy, No problem Sir, I will take the parade.

Back Row, Pakie Kelly 2nd Left, Mick
Timber ONeill 8th left, 3rd Row, Robbie
Robinson 4th Left, Pa Hogan 5th,
2nd Row, Christy Bardini 2nd Left,
Tommy whelan 4th Right, Front Row
Johnny Barry RIP 6th Left, Ben OBrien 2nd Right

2016 Commemoration Ceremony Sarsfied Barracks, Opening of Memorial Garden and planting of Trees

Back Row 3rd left Saw Leamy, 6th Billy Curtin, 7th Christian OBrien, 13th Ger Gardiner. 2nd Row John Lou Hayes 3rd left, Rama Walsh 5th, 12th Anthony McNally, 13th John Mulready, Front Row,

Willie OShaugnessy, sand bagging again

Tommy Hudson, - -, - -, - Healy, - -, Alex ONeill, Lt OBrien

Willie Keane stand down, Jim Boyle RIP,
Tom Grace, Danny Nugent RIP,

Officers and Senior NCOs, Willie Keane Stand Down

Stand Down

Willie Keane RIP, Phoncie Franklin

Willie OConnell, Peter McNamara

Windy Hogan, Sean Hickey,
Mick McNamara, Larry Johnston,
Ken OBrien, Pakie Kelly, Willie

I see him

Willie Frawley, Dessie Hyde RIP, Tommy Farrell, Tony Kelliher RIP, Davie Constable RIP

Uniform through the Ages Treaty 300, Donal Looney, John Tolton, Niall McMahon, Billy ODoherty, Brian Lynch, John ONeill

Willie Frawley, Willie OShaughnessy, Stephen Kelly

Where am I,

Visit of John Paul 11, Robby Robinson
looks on

Windy Hogan, Larry Johnson, Willie OShaughnessy, Ken OBrien

Willie Frawley, Stephen Kelly

Visit of Dir S&T

Visit of Dir of S&T, Harry Naughtom 3rd left

Staff of the Dir of S&T

Tony Wallace, Frank kiely RIP, Niall

View of old Taj and Dinning Hall

Visit of Dir of S&T to Sarsfield Barracks.

Tony Ryan, Willie Quinn, Nicky McNamara, Declan Fitz

Trophy presentation Clonmel, included Pat McGarry, Willie Keane RIP, Ben OBrien

Tony Stack, Liam McMarlowe RIP, John ONeill, what are we looking for Tony,

- Tony Stack, Rama Walsh

Terry Punch, John Laing RIP, Frank ORegan RIP

Tony Ryan, Declan Fitz, Rama Walsh,

Tommy Dorney RIP, Tucker Power RIP

Tommy RIP, Dusty, Rama

Tony Lynch, Eoin Lynch RIP, John Kett, UN Peace Medal issue

Tom ODea, hooking up

Tom ODea, Cha Haran, Barney Ryan RIP, Eamon Quaid

Tommy Carroll RIP

Harry Naughton, Paddy Flynn, Rocky Ryan RIP

Togsie Cunneen, Rama Walsh

PT Test, Tom Costelloe, Aidan Bourke, John Hickey, Gerry Kelly RIP, Stan Hurley, Jerome Deloughrey, Nicky McNamara

Stan Hurley, Terry Casey, Mick Carroll,
Frank Meaney

Timber ONeill, whats the baud rate

- -, Tony Ledger, - -, Mick Considine, Butcher OGrady

Brian Lynch, John ONeill, John Tolton, Paulie Power, John Lynch, Mike Considine, RamaWalsh, John Murray

I think they are that way, includes, John Moloney, Noel Omara

That way Noel,

The Bullmans on parade

Ladies Day

Ladies again

Eamonn Siggins, Dave Kelly RIP, Foxy

Liam OCallaghan, Peader Fahy, Rama Walsh, Tony Hannon, John Thompson, Mike OConnor, Ger Carmody, Rory Flynn

Rama Walsh, Mike OConnell, Mikey McEvoy, Gus Cleary, Philip Hayes

Tony Hickey, Billy McGrath, Colm Doyle, Tony Jackson, Colum Ryan RIP

Tony Hannon, Rory Flynn, Cyril McSweeney, Billy Curtin, Tony OSullivan

Mousey Hannon, Dusty OReilly, Mikey Cronin

Tom Dower, Mike OConnor, Rama Walsh

Tex Regan, John Power RIP, Micky McMahon RIP

Tony Gardiner, Butcher OGrady

Terry Casey, Jerome Deloughrey

Tom Dower, Mike OConnor, - -, Rama Walsh

Tom Dower, Eddie Mason RIP, Johnny
Barry RIP

Tommy Boyce, Joe Lysaght RIP

Tommy Boyce, Paul Hogan, John Tolton, Paulie Power

Terry Casey giving instructions, Dave McInerney looking on

Tony Stack digging, Dave McInerney

On the move, - -, Terry Casey, Frank Meaney, Tony Ryan

Noel Butler, Eric Flynn, Tony Hickey, Mick ODonnell RIP, Stan Harte, Tony Liddy, opening of Taj

Tom ODea, Barney Ryan RIP, Mick
Malone, Ger Hannon

Tommy Boyce, enjoying the food

Terry Punch, Rama Walsh

Stan Hurley, John Mullane

Stan cooking the Dinner

Willie Keane's retirement, Jimmy Farrell,
Mrs Keane, Willie Keane RIP, JJ Killeen

Stan Hurley

Stephen OConnor RIP, Mary OConnor

Tommy Carroll, Tony Kelliher RIP

Sean OConnor RIP, Frank ORegan RIP,
John Doyle RIP

Donal Looney, Dermot Cummins, 5th Andy Cawley,

Any spare pints, Willie Treacy, Seamie
Finucane, Liam OCallaghan, John
Moloney, Noel Kelly, Rama Walsh, Dave McInerney

Tony OSullivan, Tony Daly, Cyril
Shanahan, Colm Doyle, Gerry Carroll,
Billy McNamara, Willie OShaughnessy,
Gerry Cosgrave, Gerry Irwin RIP, Alec
ONeill, Tom Dower, John Mullane,
Peter Organ, Paddy Franklin, - -

Exercise in Kilworth, photo Mick Bullman

Camoflage Course, Back left Rocky Ryan
RIP, Left Brian Lenihan, Right 3rd Row
Niall Gorey, Left second row Mick Bullman

Stephen Kelly, Pat Hinchey, Andy Tobin

Skills at work, Patsy Walsh, Paul Hogan, Pat McCormack, Gerry Barry, Fish Ahern, Seamie Finucane, Noel Mulcahy, John Lynch, John ONeill, Mike OConnor

Slim Ryan jnr enjoying a pint

Paul Hogan, Connie Morrissey, Tony
Hannon, Mickey Cronin, Peader Fahy

Rory Flynn, Mick Finucane, Cyr Thompson, Blackie Lysaght, Butcher OGrady, Jamsie Walsh, Frankie Quinlivan, Paul Hogan, Martin OConnor, Paul Halley, Denis Carroll

Cyr Thompson, Denis Carroll, Willie OShaughnessy, Butcher OGrady, Brian McMahon, Pat Hanley

Gerry Hall, Gary Kirwan, Stan Harte,
Butcher OGrady, Gunga Hayes, Tadgh
McCarthy, Mick Deegan, Martin OConnor,
Mick Bourke, Gary OConnor, Tony Stack,
Paul Hogan, - -, Pakie ODonoghue RIP,
Arty OGrady, Denis Walsh, Mick Lane,
Stan Hurley, Mick Gleeson, Mick
Brosnahan, John Laing RIP

Rescue of Billy Bushmills

Willie OShaughnessy posing, Pakie Kelly,
Frank Greaney

Stan Hurley, Terry Casey, Mick Carroll,
Frank Meaney, Gerry Ralph, Willie Quinn

Shannon rescue, Spud Murphy, Noel Kelly, Willie Hogan

Willie Bushmills McNamara, Dusty OReilly receiving solace.

Sean Hickey, Mick Brosnahan, Mick
Finucane, Jamsie Walsh, Paul Hogan

Brian OConnor needing resuce in Shannon

Take them to the Taj, Martin OConnor in
charge, Gerry Hall looks on

Brendan McNamara, having fun at the
demolished Petrol Pumps, Eric Flynn
and harry Naughton discuss, in the

Sean Foley and Mick Day socialise

Gerry Dineen, Billy McNamara

Tony Skinny McCoramck RIP, Nicky
Hogan, Clonmel

Ariel view of Barracks 1990s

Frankie Dwane, Leonard Devine, Pat ODonovan, Ben OBrien, Philip Brennan, Derek Lambe, Philip Fitzgerald, Seamus Dolan,

Rama and his pal in the museum.

Rama Walsh, Colin Haugh relaxing in Kilworth

View of Barracks, including Timber Huts.

Rama Walsh, - McDonnell, Donal Looney

Rama Walsh, Donal Enright, Shane Malone

Colum Ryan RIP, George Ryan

Road Runners, Willie Quinn, Mick Carroll,
Mick Tobin, Paul Ledger, Stan Hurley,
Gerry Williams, Tommy Boyce, Kevin
Hanley, John Corbett, Frank Meany,
Billy Fisher

Rocky Ryan RIP

Rory Flynn, Antoin OConnor, Willie OShaughnessy

Rory Flynn, Mick Carroll, security duty

Ritchie Brennan, Joe Lysaght RIP, Pudsy Lysaght

Ministerial GOH, Ritchie Crowe 2nd Right

MPs retirement party,

Pln Reunion, 30th Anniversary, - -, Spoon
Ryan, Mick Gleeson, Bill Hillard, John Thompson, John Corbett, Paul Ledger,
Pat OBrien, John Mullane, Eamon Mullane, Gary Ledger, Pat Deedigan, Mick Finucane, Dermot Gleeson, Stan Hurley, Butcher OGrady, Eddie Lillis

Rory Flynn, Jamsie Walsh, Cyr Thompson

Rec Pln Clonmel, Middle Row, Lou Hayes
3rd, Rama Walsh 5th, Anthony McNally
and John Mulready 6th and 5th from
Right, Seanie Cosgrave right. Back Row,
Gary Daly 1st, Saw Leamy 3rd, Liam
Kenny 5th, Billy Curtin 6th, Christian
OBrien 7th, Ger Gardiner 13th

Liam Kenny, Gary Daly, John Mulready,

Housewife and Cleaning Kit

Joe Curtin, Pat OBrien, Knuckser
OConnell RIP, Mikey McEvoy

Ray Hehir, Declan OBrien RIP

Rec PLn, Limerick, Cecil McMahon, Paul
Smalle, Christy Lynch, - -, - -, Brian White,
Paddy Kelly RIP, Mikes Kiely RIP, - -, Joe Duggan. Gerry Barry, - -, John Hartigan,
Kieran OConnell, Joe Cronin, - -, - -, - -, - -,
Mick Noonan RIP, back right

BAP shoot in Kilworth

Paste up lads

Preparing for Falling Plates Shoot, curragh

On Kilcoran range

Is this what you do, Rama in action

Jerome supervising the BAP Shoot

Rama, Bushmills and Brendan OConnor

Mick Considine, Rama Walsh, Joe Nash,
Kevin OCallaghan, Paulie Power, Willie

Rama, Mick Gleeson

Rusty Keane, Bill dollard RIP, Joe Gardiner RIP

Rama, in the Park

Rama on the Ranges

Pt Walk, included, Mick ODonnell RIP,
Niall Breen, John Hickey

Punchy ODonnell flying in the Gym

50th Anniversary Dinner, Gerry Frawley,
Dermot McNamara, Terry Punch, Tony
Kelliher RIP, Frank Oregan RIP, Declan
OBrien RIP,Ray Hehir, Billy McNamara,
John Laing RIP

MP presentation to Mick Glancy

Presentation to Mathew Fitzgerald,
Blackie Lysaght, Mick Egan, Mick OBrien,
Mathew Fitzgerald, John Doyle RIP, Ray
Frawley RIP, John Power RIP, Dessie Hyde RIP, Gerry Frawley, PJ Hogan, Johnny
Barry RIP, Pat Rainsford, Tony Ryan RIP, Johnny Organ, Cecil McMahon, Rocky Ryan RIP, Martin Fitzpatrick, Paddy Kelly, Tom Dower, Terry Punch, Tony Ledger, PJ Meagher

Presentation to Young Munster RC, John
OShea, Noel Moloney, - Fitzy, Gerry Quaid,
Mick Shannon, Arthur Riordan RIP,

Pre Retirememnt Course, Harry Naughton,
Willie Keane, - -, Benji Leahy, Phoncie
Franklin, Kieran Jordan, Charlie Ryan RIP, Paddy Carmody, - -. - -, Benji Riordan, Mick Meagher, John Doyle RIP, - -, Frank ORegan RIP, Jim Deveraux, Billy Fisher, Slim Ryan RIP.

Presentation of Service Medal, 4th left
Larry Murphy, 5th John Lynch,
6th M Nugent, 7th Mick Mcgyver
Kennedy RIP.

All army Shoot presentation to John Graham

NCOs Course 1980, G Williams, Mick OConnell, Mick Finucane

Opening of Potato Market, Brian Ryan,
Charlie Haughey, - -, Niall Breen, Dermot
McNamara, - -, Brendan OConnor, Mick
Lysaght, Jimmy ODonoghue, John Moloney

- -, Paddy McCormack RIP, - -, Noel Kelly,
Donal Looney, Pat McCormack, Pa Flynn,
Paddy Dolan, Jerome Deloughrey, Martin
Bedford, Vinny Strang, John Moore

Pat OBrien, Mick ODonnell RIP, Donal Looney, depth finding on Lock Muchno

Pool Time, Sonny Deloughrey, Gerry
Williams, Rama Walsh, John Crotty, Tom
Leahy, Willie OShaughnessy, Pat OBrien,
Liam Slattery, Nicky McNamara, Mick
Woodland, - -, Brian McMahon, Billy
McNamara, Dave McInerney, Tony
Deloughrey, Tom -, Brendan McNamara,
Jerome Deloughrey, Mikey McEvoy,
Butcher OGrady, E Harris,

Postman, Joe Kenneally

12 Bn Fashion Show, Pat OBrien, Gary Ledger, Mike Keane, Gerry Hall, actually Comd Orienteering

Ex Faranfore, Paul OBrien RIP, Ken OBrien

Pat OBrien, Mattie Gardiner, Frank Walsh

PJ Hogan

PJ Hogan, Jim Ryan

Pat OBrien, abseiling class

Pipe Band in Loudres, Peter McNamara, Ronnie Flynn, Seamie Martin, Willie OConnell, Mikes Kiely RIP, Tommy McMahon, Mick Egan

Mick Timmons, Johnny Sticks, Pakie
ODonoghue RIP, Denis Carroll, Ray Keane,
- -, Paul OBrien RIP, Mikes Kiely RIP

PJ Hogan, Connie Morrissey

Pipe Band in Saint Patricks Day Parade, Willie OConnell, Paul OBrien RIP, Peter McNamara

Paul Fitzgerald, Mick Timmons, Pakie
ODonoghue RIP, - -, Tony Liddy, - -,
Denis Carroll, Fish Ahern, - Slattery,
Chris McCarthy, Paul OBrien RIP, Paul
Dillon, Niall Breen, Blondie Fitzpatrick,
Hughie Ryan, Johnny Sticks, Frankie

Pipe Band,

Pipe Band and Honour Guard, left Mikes Kiely RIP, Jim McNamara, Mick Timmons, Base drum Denis Carroll, right Paul OBrien RIP

Pipe Band in Clonmel, Vinny Lyons,
Willie OConnell, Johnny Butler RIP,
Paul OBrien RIP, Mick McMahon, Connie
Morrissey, Base Peter McNamara, Pakie
ODonoghue RIP, Mick Timmons

Pipe Band in the Gym. GOCs, MIkes Kiely
RIP, Paul OBrien RIP, Mick Timmons,
Denis Carroll, Pakie ODonoghue RIP, Jim McNamara, Johnny Sticks

Paul Halley, Pat Deedigan, Noel Roche

Pat Hanley, Johnny McCormack

Paul ODwyer, Johnny Sticks, Willie Keane,
Stand Down Parade
- Halley, Pat Deedigan

Pipe Band Saint Patricks Day Parade

Niall McMahon, Frank Kiely RIP, Tony
Wallace, Paddy Franklin, Blackie Lysaght,
Gerry Cosgrave

Peter Greene, Ned ONeill, Tom McSherry,
DJ Cronin, - -, Pat Deedigan, - -, Steve
OShea, Pat Harvey

Pat Hanley, Kevin Hayes RIP, Tommy
Naughton, Tony Hickey

Paddy Cuddihy RIP, Liam Daly RIP, Mick Meagher

Pat Deedigan, Sean Hickey, Gerry Williams

Peter McNamara, passing out, Clonmel

Paul OBrien RIP, playing the Long Legged Woman dressed in Black

Pat Brinn, Gay Twoomey RIP

Pat Brinn, Tony Canning

Patsy Massey, Martin Behan, Andy Hussey
RIP, Hughie Ryan, Willie Massey, Mick McMahon, Willie OConnell, Johnny
Butler RIP

Paul OBrien RIP, Mick Brosnahan, lunch
on the range

Paddy Cleary, Cecil Healy RIP, Cecil McMahon

Pat Brinn

Pat Nash GOCs,

Paul OBrien RIP, pasting up, Tony Millar

Pat Donnellan, Tommy Coughlan, Mick
Malone, Pat Collins, Barney Ryan

14th Rec Pln Ballingcollig, Pat Hanley
and Jimmy McCormack,

2nd Pat Hayes

Passing out Clonmel, 3rd Rama Walsh,
Lou Hayes, 8th Billy Curtin, 10th Jim
Sims, 12th Christian OBrien

Passing out Limerick, Brian Ryan, Tony
Byrnes, Dinny OKeeffe

Pat Brinn, Pat Deedigan, pre check on the weapons

Brendan Connolly, Barney Ryan RIP,
Gerry Barry, John Cronin, Cecil Healy
RIP, Toddy Fitzgerald RIP, Paddy
Carmody, Martin Ahern RIP, Kevin
Hogan, Mick Brosnahan

B Coy on Parade

PAs on a Tommer, Stephen Kelly, Willie Frawley,

John Tolton, Rama Walsh, Mark Somers,
Noel Kelly, Willie OShaughnessy, Butcher OGrady, Frankie Quinlivan, Paul Hogan,
Seamie Finucane, Liam OCallaghan, John Hartigan

Pat Deedigan

Pat Bourke, Tony Millar

John Lynch, Christy Coote, Pa Flynn

Paddy OConnor, Antoin OConnor

Paddy Buckley RIP, Denny Walsh, Billy McNamara, Donie Ahern, - -,

Paddy Carmody, Ber Gibney RIP, Mervyn Ambrose

Tommy Corbatt RIP, Pat Deedigan

Paddy McCauliffe RIP, - -, Bart Dillon RIP

Opening of the Taj, Jimmy Farrell, Denis Carroll, Brendan OConnor, Frankie
Quinlivan, Ray Keane with fag.

Butcher OGrady, John Hartigan, Gerry
Williams, John Relihan, Con Leigh, John
Fennessy, Christy Coote, Donal OSullivan

Pat Brinn

One on St Patrciks Day Parade

ONE presentation, John Kelly, Paddy
McNamara, Jimmy Barry, John ODonnell,
Andy Murphy, Paddy OConnor, - -, Mick
OReilly, Dave Gardiner, Willie OConnor,
Ollie Constable, Dessie Hyde RIP

Opening of the Taj, Ray Keane and Rama
Walsh entertain the troops

A Coy on Excercise

Mick Bullman, Blondie Fitzpatrick, Gerry
Ryan Sean Callaghan, John Hickey,
Tom OLeary

Front Row, Pat Dillon, tall Officer Eamon
Siggins, Middle, Stevie Keogh, gerry
Willimas, Back, 3rd Stephen OConnor RIP, John Lynch, Terry Casey, Joe OConnor, Frank Walsh, Christy enright RIP

Rama Walsh, Mikey McEvoy, Willie OShaughnessy, Mick Tobin, Dicky Doyle,
Jason Hannon, Mick OConnell

Terry Punch, Tex Regan, Dave Constable
RIP, Mick Glancy RIP

Presentations to Pat Hanley, Whacker Collopy, by Paddy Kelly, Larry Johnson

Cyril ONeill, Eddie Carroll, Denis Walsh,
Gerry Hall, Willie OConnor, Stan Harte,
Pat OBrien, Pat Cunneen, PJ Hogan,
Frosty McCormack

Denis Carroll, Willie OShaughnessy,
Brian McMahon

Joe OLeary, Connie Nugent

Retirement of Joe Numbers Kelly,
including Brian Ryan, Colm Doyle,
Peter Daly, Rusty Keane, Mick Egan

Joe Kelly, Peter Daly

Looks like Lahinch, Tony Gardiner, Butcher OGrady, Frank Sheehan, Gerry Williams, Nicky McNamara, Rama Walsh, Joe Kennelly

On the move, Noel OMara

Noel Moloney, Dicky Doyle, Ray Keane

Ned ONeill, Frank Fahy RIP, Jim Fanning Clonmel pers

Niall Breen, Sean Hickey

Nicky McNamara, George Ryan, Billy
Butler, Pa Flynn

Noelie Meade RIP, Patsy Walsh

NCOs Mess Happy hour

NCOs Mess presentation, Gerry Irwin RIP,
- -, Mick Bullman, Micky Purcell, Paddy
Gleeson, Colum Ryan RIP, Terry Punch,
Ritchie Brennan, John Corrigan, Tony
Ledger, Cyril Shanahan, John Mullane,
Mick Meagher, Billy McNamara, Vinny
Lyons, - -, Gerry Frawley, - -, George Ryan,
Tony Stack

Pat Burke, Junior Ryan RIP, Gary Ledger, Niall Breen, Mick Byrnes, Willie OConnor, Tony Kelliher RIP

Stan hurley, Willie Quinn, - -, Noel Kelly
on his retirement, Peter Organ, Tony Daly

Noel OGrady RIP, Butcher OGrady, Jimmy
Cremmins RIP, Tony Gardiner, Arty OGrady

NCOs in Kilworth, Gerry Mitchell, Mick Bullman, John Power DSM RIP, Gerry Frawley, Cecil McMahon, Sean Hickey

Rama Walsh, Bridgit McCormack, Nicky McNamara

Rama Walsh, Gary OConnor

Rama Walsh, Mick

Military Police night out

Mark Somers, Paul Ledger and Terry

John Thompson, John Molloney, John Tolton, Dermot Cummins, Willie Quinn

- -, Michael Noonan, - -, Jimmy Farrell

Murty Hanley

Noel Kelly

Mick ODriscoll, Paddy Mullins, Willie
Keane, Christy the Joker OBrien RIP

Mick ODriscoll, Alfie Earls, Paul Hogan,
Colin Haugh, John ONeill, Mick OConnor

Mick ODonnell, Johnny Sticks, Vinny Lyons, Paddy Doyle

3rd Fld sigs, Mick Meagher, Ray Brady,
Liam Daly

Mick OConnor, Paddy Cleary

Mick OConnell, Tommy McMahon, Alfie Earls, Pat Hanley, Johnny Cantillon

Pipe Band in Lourdes, Willie OConnell,
Seamie Martin, Peter McNamara, Pakie ODonoghue RIP, Tommy McMahon,
Mikes Kiely RIP, Mike McMahon

Mick Leamy, Seanie Bond

Mick Leamy, Windy Hogan, Sean Hickey

Philip Smith, Pat Hayes, Joe Curtin, Gerry OBrien, Gerry Barry, Pat Hinchy, John
Cawley RIP, Jim Lyons, Alec ONeill, Tony
Stack, Mick Noonan RIP, Eddie Deedigan,
Kevin Hogan, Johnny Barry RIP.

NCOs Course, Front, Christy ODwyer RIP,
Pat Hayes, Fr Moriarty, Gerry OBrien,
Philip Smyth, Tommy Hartigan, Eddie
Deedigan, - -, Pat Hinchy, Noel Walsh,
John Bullman, Jim Lyons, Ritchie
 Johnny Barry RIP, Cecil McMahon.
Middle Row, Gerry Mitchell, Christy
Davey Browne, Junior Ryan RIP, Gerry
Harry Byrnes, Pat Ocallaghan, Kevin
Mick Noonan RIP, Joe Curtin, Maurice
Tony Stack, Steve OToole, Frank Walsh,
Cawley RIP, - -, Paddy Kelly RIP.
Back Row, George Ryan, Paddy Kelly,
Gerry Frawley,
Jimmy Barry  RIP, George Billy Bolger RIP,
Enda Quaid, Paul Small, Dave Gardiner, Erclo DeVitto, Alec ONeill, Gerry Hall, Tony Slattery, - -, Danny Carroll.

NCOs Pln March Past

Pat Hinchy, Pat OBrien, Mattie Gardiner,
Liam OSullivan, Mick ODriscoll

Pat Hinchy, Gerry OBrien, Eddie Deedigan, Jim Lyons, NCOs Course

Pat Hinchy receives hi award

Organising the Gun Pull, Mick Brosnahan, Paul Hogan, Bobby McNamara

Mick Corbett, John Corbett, in the woods

Micky Cronin, Johnny Mullane

Presentation of Medals

Ger Fogarty,

John Lynch

Mick Nugent

Mick Kennedy McGyver RIP

Mick Deegan, John ONeill, Denis Carroll, Rama Walsh, Fr -,

Mick Fogarty RIP, Cyr Thompson, Ger Fogarty RIP, Mike Deedigan

Mick Fitzgerald, Joe ONeill, Colin Haugh

Mick Fogarty RIP, Paddy Murrihy, Goff Ledger, Jackie Ward

Mick OConnell out for a stroll

Mick OReilly, Haugh broke the boiler again

Mick Finucane, Derek Lambe

Mick Carroll

Mick Shine, - -,

Mick Shine

Mick Shine, Myrven Ambrose

Mick Shine

Andy Forrestal, Pat Prederville, Jim Fanning, Pat McGarry

Mick Finucanne, Liam Slattery, Rama Walsh

Mick Corbett, Willie Quinn, Paul Hickey, John Crotty, Nicky McNamara, Butcher OGrady, Jamie Keane, Mick McNamara, Mick Ryan, John Kelly, Tony Gardiner

A Coy Outing, can make out, Mick Hollywood, Mike Keane, Larry Hogan

Mike OConnor, Rama Walsh

Mike Keane, Joe Curtin, Pa Hogan, Tony Gardiner behind

Mikes Kiely RIP, tuning the pipes

Joe Fogarty, Mikey McEvoy, Ger Ossum Fogarty

Mikey McEvoy Mess President

Gun Pull, John OShea, Paul Hogan,
Gerry Noonan RIP, Tony Deloughrey,
Declan OBrien RIP, Fitzy, Tom Leahy,
John ONeill

Jimmy OSullivan, Willie Frawley, Willie OShaughnessy

John Power waiting to receive DSM

John Tolton, John ONeill, Brian Lynch

Jackie Ward, - - Jimmy Nash RIP, - -.

Donal Looney, Kevin Hanley, Tommy McMahon, lost in a field

Jimmy Kennedy, Joe Clark, John Kelly

Kevin Hanley, Marie Hanley, John Thompson

Kieran OConnell RIP

Kevin Hanley, Ronnie Flynn, Tony
Gardiner, Paul Ledger anf Frank Sheehan

Kevin Hanley, Rama Walsh

Paul Hickey, MJ Hogan, Billy 2 Beans
Kiely, PJ Hogan, relaxing in the Kitchen

Ken OBrien, calling in the take away

Larry Murphy receiving his medal

Larry Johnson, Willie Hogan, Paul Hogan,
Ken OBrien, Regan GOH

Liam Daly, Tony Deloughrey, Connie Nugent

Liam Slattery, Dom walsh RIP

Liam Kenny, Rama Walsh, Mick ODwyer

Ken OBrien, Johnny Dillon RIP, 1976

Kevin Hogan on duty on the border

Liam Fogarty RIP, Ger Ossum Fogarty RIP

Liam OCallaghan, Willie OShaughnessy,
Ger Quinlivan, Angela Aylmer

Lunch Time on the Ranges, Dave
McInerney, Ger Carmody, - -, Gus
Donnelly, Donal Looney, Billy Curtin,
Danny Vaughan,

- -, Micky Cronin, Ken OBrien, Johnny McCormack, Clonmel 1976

Mick Gleeson, Tom Gleeson RIP, Paddy

GOCs march past, with Pipe Band and
A Coy

Married Quarters Families reunion 2016

Martin Hannon, Colin Haugh

Mattie Gardiner, Old Privates Mess

One Man Band in the Taj, Mick Bullman

John Corbett, Mick Corbett, Jamie Keane, Jimmy Keane

John Thompson, where is the grub lads

Mick Walsh RIP, Jimmy Wall RIP, Jimmy Nash RIP

Johnny Cantillon border duty

John Crotty, Donie Ahern, Jimmy Clancy, - -,

John Corbett, Mick Corbett, Dicky Doyle, Billy Curtin, Norman Walters RIP, Tony Gardiner

John Corbett, Mick Corbett, Tony Gardiner, Billy Curtin, Tony Hannon

Joe Clarke, Mick Duffy RIP, Jamsie Walsh RIP, - -

John Corbett, Mike ODriscoll, Joe Lysaght RIP, John Hickey, Ritchie Brennan

Jimmy Farrell, Vincent Savno, John OShea, Eddie OByrne, - -.

John Hartigan, Rama Walsh, Kevin Hanley

Jimmy Farrell, Vincent Savino

Punchy ODonnell, Jimmy Roche, - -, Cyril Shanahan, Tex ORegan, - -, Jackie Ward, - Costelloe, - -, Harry Naughton, - -

Willie Keane Stand Down Parade, JJ Killeen, Jimmy Farrell

John Lynch, Willie OShaughnessy, Frankie Quinlivan, 04 McCarthy, Butcher OGrady

John Murray, - -, - -, Sean OCallaghan, Brian Lynch

Andy Foran, Jimmy Ryan RIP, John OConnor, Paul OBrien RIP, Ken OBrien

Joe Curtin, Sean OCallaghan, Jim McNamara, GOCs

Joe Hayes and Gerry Carroll, enjoying a mineral or two

Philip Brennan congratulating John Fennessy on his retirement and state stripe

John Kett

John Mullane, John OMalley RIP, John ONeill

John Mullane and PJ Hogan providing the entertainment in the NCOs Mess

John Power RIP, Pat Rainsford, Mick Lysaght,

John Sweeney, Joe Kenneally, Larry Johnson, Windy Hogan, Danny Nugent RIP

Johnny Barry RIP in Poncho, Gerry Barry

Jonathan Gleeson, Roger Comte

John Laing RIP, Ray Hehir

Johnny McCormack

Jhn Power RIP, receiving the DSM, Paddy Kelly with tray, Willie Keane and Gerry Kelly RIP im bearer party

- -, Johnny Hannon RIP, - -,
Martin Vaughan, Ger Lee, - -, Denny Sheehan

- - , Mick Dolan, Army Marksmen
- -. Mick Finucane RIP, GOH Duty somewhere

Brian Bullman, Mick Bullman

Tommy McMahon, Seamie Martin, Peter McNamara, in Lourdes

- -, Willie ONeill, Joe Power. Border Duty

Brigade HQ on Tour, - -, Paddy Franklin, - -, Tony Wallace, Tommy Boyce, Niall McMahon, Sean Gleeson

3rd ACk ACk Battery staff, Paddy Carmody, Danny Carroll, Mervyn Ambroese, Joe Hayes, - -, Ber Gibney RIP

3rd S&T Transport

3rd S7T staff ready forInspection, - -, - -,
Kieran McEvoy, Tommy Coughlan, John Hartigan, Cha Haran, Gerry Willimas, - -,
Tom ODea, Mick Malone

12 Bn Outing, Front, Johnny Butler RIP,
- -, Gerry Benson, - -, Micky McMahon RIP. Centre - -, Harry Naughton, - -, - -,
3rd Row - -, - -, - -, - -, - -, - -, Back - -, - -,
- -, Gerry Hanley RIP,Mathew Fitzgerald, - -

Paul Fitzgerald, - Slattery, Tony Liddy,
Niall Breen, Denis Carroll, Fish Ahern,
Pakie ODonoghue RIP, Paul Dillon, Frank Bennis, Mick Timmons, Chris McCarthy, Blondie Fitzpatrick, Colin Haugh

All Army Falling Plates Winners, Tony OSullivan, Kieran Jordan, Phoncie Franklin.
Gerry Barry, - -, Brian Lynch, Dave Kerin, Mick Constable, - -, John Tolton, Dermot McNamara

Pot NCOs Course, Paddy Gleeson, Pat Prenderville, - -, Tom McSherry, - -, Paddy McCormack RIP, Jimmy Cremmins RIP, - -, - -, Johnny Butler RIP

12 Bn Pipe Band, Pakie ODonoghue RIP, Gerry OBrien, - -, Hughie Ryan, Sean Flannagan RIP, Peter McNmara, Tony Healy, - -, Ger Hogan RIP, Martin Fitzpatrick

12 Bn Shooting Team, - - John Cooney, - Dolan, - -, - Dolan, - -

12 Bn on the Ranges, Jason Hannon, Artie OGrady, Noel Kelly, - -, John ONeill, Fish Ahern, Blondie Fitzpatrick, - -, Tony Stack, Jerome Deloughrey

12 Bn Pipe Band, Willie OConnell, Mikes Kiely RIP, Seamie Martin, Mick McMahon, Niall Breen, Jim McNamara, Tommy McMahon,

13th Pln, Clonmel, Back, Pakie Noonan, Timber ONeill, 3rd Row, Robbie Robnson, Pa Hogan, 2nd Row, Christy Bardini, Tommy Whelan, Harry Ryan, Front, Johnny Barry RIP, Ben OBrien

14 Bn Staff, Tom OCallghan, Dave Hyland RIP, Andy Forrestal, Paddy Flynn, Sean Foley, Mick Daly, Gerry Kelly RIP, Tony Canning, Benji Leahy, Tony Hickey, Ben Murphy, Christy Hanley, - -, Tommy Boyce, - -, - -, - -, Aidna -, Pat Brinn, Mick Lane, Philip OSullivan, - -, John Fennessy, Gerry Mitchell, John Lynch, Noel Kelly

Benji Leahy checking his troops

17th Pln, any help with names.

22 Pln, John OHara, Gary Murphy, Colin Haugh, Tom OBrien, Thomas King, Ger Boland, Mike Murphy, Gay Mullally, Tony Slattery, Gary Kirwin.

John OHanlon RIP, Pat Delahunty, Dom Allen, Cecil Healy RIP, Ritchie Boland, Martin Culligan, Tommy Hudson, Jim Lyons

- Richardson, Ben OBrien, Pat McElligot, John Ahern, Gerry Ryan, - Lyons, Donal Hanley, - -.

Ron McDonald, Ken OBrien, Pat McElligot, - -, Robert Payne, Jim Boyle RIP. Ned ONeill, - -, - Lyons, Gerry Ryan, Denis Earls, Bobby Ryan, Horse Walsh, Freddy Kenny RIP, Donal Hanley, Tom Grace, Johnny Dillon RIP, John Ahern, Twiggy Ryan.

25 Pln passing out, March 1976. Back - Meagher, Kieran McEvoy, Denis Earls, Donal Hanley, - -, - -, - -, Gerry Ryan, Horse Walsh, 3rd Row Tommy Grace, Willie Massey, Bobby Ryan, Ger Frawley, Freddie Kenny RIP, - -, - -, John Ahern. 2nd Row Ben OBrien, Pat McElligot, Ken OBrien, - -, - -, Doc -, Johnny Dillon RIP, Jim Boyle RIP, Ronnie McDonald, Martin Culligan, Front, John Gilbert, Ned ONeill, - Richardson, - -, Twiggy Ryan, - -, Robert Payne,Tommy Hudson, - -, Gabby Whelan

John Lynch 30

Laying up of the 49th Bn Flag,

50th Pot NCOs Course, Gerry Quaid, Gerry Williams, Mick Malone, - -, - -, Gerry OBrien, Mick Finucane, - -, - -, - -, - -, 2nd Row Erclo Devitto, - Meagher, John Sweeney, Sean OConnor RIP, Mick Timmons, Mick OCallaghan, - -, - -, - -, - -, - -, Billy McNamara, Front Mick Bullman, - -, Cecil McMahon, - -, Freddie Bolger, - -, Paddy Kelly RIP, Gerry Barry, Pat OCallaghan.

66 Pln, Front, Tony Slattery, John Power DSM RIP, Joe Kelly, Sean OMeara, - -, - -, Larry OConnor, - -, - -, 2nd Row, Ray Hehir, Tony Stack, Mick Mulcahy, - -, Mick Brosnahan, - -, - -, - -, - -, - OLoughlin. 3rd Row Terry Casey, - -, Mick OConnell, - -, Frank Meaney, - -, - -, - -, Gerry OBrien, Back - -, - Price, - -, - -, Pat OCallaghan, - -, - -, - -, - -, - -,

90 Gun Pull, Connie Morrissey, Butcher OGrady, Gus Cleary, Slim Ryan, Mick ODonnell RIP. Paddy Considine, Declan OBrien RIP, John Mulready, Mick OConnell, Mick Woodland, Mikey McEvoy, Eddie Higgins

Dom Walsh RIP, Adrian Anglim RIP, Donal OSullivan RIP, - -,

Andy Forrestal, JJ Kelly, - -, Junior Ryan RIP, Tom Dower, Sean OMeara, - -, Exercise Shannon 1984

No details on this

Bobby -, - -, - -, Tommy Hartigan presenting Best trophies to a recruit Pln

PT Test walk up a mountain. Jerome Deloughrey, Willie OConnor getting in the fuel, Gerry Noonan, Niall Breen with sly look, Christy Coote,

No details on this

P Simey, S Smith, Paddy Kelly RIP, Paddy OHanlon, Christy Earls, P Mulqueeny, Paddy Doyle, Mick Shannon, D Mahon, Pat M

- Durkin ?, Mick McMahon, Kieran McEvoy

Sam Browne, Pa OBrien, Sean Hickey, Liam OSullivan, Tony Canning, Johnny Barry RIP, Gerry Mitchell, Robie Robinson, John Kett, Willie OConnell. On Border Duty, possibly Monaghan 1976

3 Generations, Alex ONeill, John ONeill, Charlie ONeill RIP

Build the Taj and they will come, Tommy Mulligan RIP, John Moore, Gerry Hayes, Pa Flynn, Joe Nash, Eugene Williams, - -, Colin Haugh, Gerry Long RIP

Signals PLn on R&R, Tony Hannon, Rory Flynn, Connie Morrissey, Noel OGrady RIP, John McCormack, Jamsie Walsh, Mick Moore

Andy Cawley, Donal Looney, Shane Malone. God help ISIS

Comd Shoot Kilworth, Brian McMahon, MJ Hogan, Joe Ryan, - -, - -, Frosty McCormack, Cyril Shannahan, Billy McNamara, Peter Hogan.

A Coy Border Duty, Back - -, Ger Clohessy, - -, Eugene Small, - -, - -, - -, - -, Ger OLeary, Martin Ray, Pat Cunneen, John OMalley RIP, Front, Sean Hickey, - -, Larry Johnson, - -, Gunga Hayes, Ossum Fogarty RIP, Pat Harvey, - -. No names on the middle row.

GOCs for A Coy in the Gym, Tony Byrnes, Donal OSullivan RIP, - -, Billy Curtin, Willie OConnor, Brian Lynch

Peter Gunn, - -, Dinny OKeeffe, Seamie Finucane, Tony Hogan, Declan Fitzgerald

A Coy, on Border Duty 1976

Tommy McMahon, Stephen OGrady RIP, Willie Quinn, John Murray, Danny Vaughan, Mick Bourke, Tom Keogh, Mick OConnor, Dave Kerin, Shane Malone, John Corbett, Mick ODonnell RIP, Chris McCarthy, Frank Meany, Kevin Hanley, Mick Gleeson, - -, Pa OBrien, Spud Murphy, Willie Hogan, Declan Martin, Noel Meade RIP. Looks like Knockalisheen

A Coy, Tony OSullivan, Steve Keogh, Niall Breen, Gerry Willimas, Pat Dillon, Mike Keane

Tony Gardiner, - -, - -, Tom OLeary, John Moloney, Hank Butler, Seamie Finucane, - -, Pa OBrien, Terry Casey

A Coy on GOCs, Freddie does not look happy

Donie Ahern, Frank ORegan RIP, Jim McNamara, John Doyle RIP

Donal Looney in full voice

Gerry Barry carrying out TOETs

Ger Boland, roll your own

3rd Ack Ack Card game, Gerry Barry, Danny Carroll, Ben Gibney RIP, Joe Lysaght RIP, Tommy Boyce

Gerry Williams, - -, Liam Daly

--, Paul Hogan, Dusty OReilly, Paul Hogan, Frankie Quinlivan, Mick Gleeson,

Sean OMeara, John Corrigan, Colm Doyle, Eamon Moriarty

A proud Tommy Boyce with his Son Jason and Willie ODea

John Cremmins and Ray Hehir

John Hartigan, Kieran McEvoy, 3rd S&T camp, Clonmel

John Moloney, Rory Flynn, Willie Quinn, 12th Bn elite guard

Junior Togher, Mick Malone, Kieran McEvoy, fitters and drivers armed and dangerous

Kieran McEvoy, Barney Ryan RIP

Butcher OGrady, Mikey McEvoy, Connie Morrissey, Ger Hartigan

Mick Corbett, Liam OCallaghan, Mick OCallaghan, Mick Deeg

Treaty 300 staff, Mick Carroll, Paul Hogan, Tony Hannon

MJ Hogan wishing Mick Egan a happy retirement

Paul Hickey, Tony Cusack, Tom Corbett RIP, Mick Carroll, Tony Gardiner, Gerry McNamara, Spud Murphy, Gerry OBrien, Stephen Boyce, Martin Hourigan, Dave ODwyer

Pat Nash opening the Barrack Museum, Stephen Kelly watching on

Paddy Franklin, Joe Hayes, Gerry Carroll

Paul Hogan, Mikey Cronin, Peader Fahy

Peter Organ, Cyril Shannahan

Ray Smith

Alec ONeill, Joe RYan, Gerry Carroll, Mikey McEvoy, Cyril Shannahan, Mick Woodland, Bob Ryan. Retirement Party

Sean OCallaghan, Butcher OGrady, Mikey McEvoy, Ben Murphy, Ger Hartigan

Stan Hurley, Noel Kelly

Willie ODea and 12th Bn troops

A Young Bill Hillard RIP

Andy Tier RIP, Mattie Gardiner, Sonny Deloughrey

Connie Morrissey on parade

Aidan Anglim RIP, Dom Walsh RIP, Donal OSullivan RIP

- -, Rasher Byrnes, John Thonpson, - -, - -, - -, Tadgh McCarthy, Alfie Earls. Joe Morrisey, - -, - -, Andy Tobin, - -, Donal OSullivan RIP

Andy Richardson receiving the Con Dee Cup from John Dee

Annual Range practises for HQ Coy, standing Mick Carroll, Eugene OConnell, Andy Foran, Jimmy Ryan RIP, John OConnor, Paul OBrien RIP, Ken OBrien. Mick OBrien on the left

Anti Riot drill

Arti OGrady, Tony Gardiner, Tommy Carroll RIP, Paddy Considine

Brigade Arm Wrestling Championship, Blackie Lysaght v Cecil McMahon,referee's Pat Rainsford and Ray Frawley RIP, find it very funny

Colin Haugh, Toddy Fitzgerald RIP

Liam Kenny playing with the 84

Brian McMahon nad Ken OBrien heading out for a few pints

Feeling the love in the Signals Pln, Butcher OGrady, Brian McMahon, Cyr Thompson

Paul OBrien RIP, Rocky Ryan RIP looking out, Jim Lyons

Mick Egan playing the pipes

Billy Butler, Rory Flynn

Bill Hillard RIP, - -,

Sylvie Callaghan, JJ Ruane, Christy Coote, Mick Considine, Tony OLoughlin, Mick Nolan

Front Jerome Deloughrey, John Power RIP, Joe Kelly, Sean OMeara, - - , - -, Larry OConnor RIP, Noel Walsh, gerry Shine. 2nd Row Ray Hehir, Tony Stack, Mick Mulcahy, - -, Mick Brosnahan, - -, - -, - -, - -, - OLoughlin. 3rd Row Terry Casey, - -, Mick OConnell, - -, Frank Meaney, John Moloney, - -, - -, Ger OBrien, Gerry Barry. Back Row - -, John Price, Tom Keogh ?, - -, Pat OCallaghan, - -, - -, - -, - -,

Barney Ryan RIP

Barrack gettogether , Dermot Hickey and Mattie Gadiner in green jumpers second row. included are, Mike Deedigan, Cyr Thompson back row. Paddy OConnor and Christy Pickford on right of picture. Johnny Butler RIP next to Mattie, Martin Behan, Pat Cunneen in centre Scotchie OConnell, Billy McGrath, Scotchie Hughes seated. Ned Deedigan, Joe Gradiner and John Doyle front. Mick Fogarty behind the head of the Guitar. See Tall tales from the Barrack Square for a story from this night.

Bearer Party GOCs, Brian Ryan, Freddie Bulger, Frank Houlihan, Sean Hickey, Blackie Lysaght

Announcing deatils of the Treaty 300 Ball, Celia Holman Lee and models, Tony Daly, Dave Hyland, Philip Smith and Piper Mick McMahon

Bengi Riordan and Eamon Moriarty RIP

Ben Gobney RIP, Paddy Cuddihy RIP

BFW Retirement, Gerry Irwin RIP, Jackie Ward, Joe OCallaghan, John Cronin, Kevin Walsh, John OBrien, Eugene Williams, John Moore, - -, - -, Mick ORiordan, Micky Purcell, Gerry Hayes, Freddie Murphy RIP, Pat -, Cecil Healy RIP, Jackie McKnight RIP, Tom Gillick RIP, Paddy Touhy RIP, Tommy Mulligan RIP, Noel -, Gerry Long Rip, John OReilly RIP, - Dillon,

Opening of Taj, Tom Gillick RIP, Jackie McKNight RIP, Noel -, - -, Freddie Murphy RIP, - Fitzgerald, John OBrien, Paddy Touhy RIP, John Moore, Eugene Williams, Tommy Mulligan RIP

BFW Staff, included, Jackie Ward, John OBrien,Paddy Touhy RIP, Micky Welton RIP, - Dillon, Tommy Mulligan RIP, Paddy McAulliffe RIP, Micky McMahon RIP, Jackie McKnight RIP

BFW, Gerry Irwin RIP, Micky McMahon RIP, Tom Gillick RIP, Tony OSullivan, Tom Costelloe, John Moore,Pa Flynn, Freddie Murphy RIP, Eugene Williams, Gerry Hayes, Cecil Healy RIP, - -, Tom Corbett RIP, Jackie Ward, Paddy Gleeson, Noel -, Micky Purcell, Tommy Mulligan RIP, - -, John OReilly RIP, Jackie McKhinght RIP, Gerry Long RIP

Bill Dollard, Gustav firing

Bill Dollards retirement, Front Barney Ryan RIP, Tony Cock Ryan RIP, Pat McNamara, Noel Pearse RIP, Bill Dollard RIP, Paddy Kelly RIP, - -, Mick ODonnell, Jimmy Barry, 2nd Row, Gerry Mitchell, Mick OReilly, Paddy Doyle, Willie Keane RIP, Tony Quilty RIP, Harry Naughton, Peter Kenny, Frank ORegan RIP, - -, - -, 3rd Row Kevin Hayes RIP, Ned Long, Sean Foley,Billy McNamara, Joe Hayes, Gerry Benson, Terry Punch, Pat Cuneen, Tony Kelliher RIP, Mick Behan, Cyril Shanahan, Pat Hayes, 4th Row, Mathew Fitzgerald, Tom Gleeson, Tom Dower, Paddy Gleeson,Tony Millar, Ray Smith, John Jo White, Mick Malone, Paddy Franklin,Back Row, - -, Pat Hinchey, Jim Ryan, Mick OBrien, Aidan Anglim RIP, Vinny Lyons

Bill Hillard and Mick Behan at the Ranges

Bill Hillard on left

Bill Hillard

Blondie feeds the troops, Blondie, Fitzpatrick, Stan Hurley, Noel Kelly, Mike Bourke, Hank Butler, Willie Quinn

Billys Crew, Billy McNamara, John Crotty, Patie ODonoghue RIP, Ger Frawley, Dermot McNamara, John Laing RIP, Ray Hehir

Billy Keanes stand down, included Rama Walsh, Dicky Doyle, Robert Gardiner, Jon Moloney

Bishops GOH, St Johns Cathedral, Mick Woodland, Sean OCallaghan, Eddie OByrne, Andy Tobin, Billy McNamara, Spooner Ryan, Mick Brosnahan, - Kelly, - -, Paddy Considine,

A Coy Pers, Christy Kelly, - -, Joe Curtin, Johnny Barry RIP, Eamon Mullane, Eddie Lillis, Bobby McNamara, Mick Corbett, Jamie Keane, Dermot Cummins, Larry Hogan, Billy Butler, Eddie Galvin, John Corbett, Noel Moloney, Christy Enright RIP, - -,
Front - -, Joe ODonnell, Jimmy McCarthy, - -, - -, - -, - -,

Mick Reddan, - -, Brian McMahon, Peader Fahy, Mick Rid, Terry Punch, Martin Fitzpatrick, Willie Treacy, Martin OConnor, Brian Lynch, Mick Lysaght

COs on Parade, JJ Kelly, - -, - -, Bernie - ,Jimmy Farrell

Blondie posing in Kilworth

Brian OConnor, Ritchie Brennan, Liam Hartley RIP

Colin Haugh in drag on COs

12 Bn on Parade

Officers on Parade, posibly 50th again

Bn Pistol Team, Pat OBrien, Gerry Hall, John Mullane, Tony OSullivan, Mick Flemming

Full 12th on GOCs Parade

T Hartigan, Peter Green RIP, Pat Deedigan, Ned ONeill, DJ Cronin, - Kearney, - Harris, Pat Harvey, Steve OShea

2nd Left back, Emmet McInerney, 4th Left back Christy Pickford.

The 3 Boyce's Tommy, Jason and Stephen

BQs Staff outing, Togsie Cunneen, Ray Hehir, Tony Kelliher RIP, Brendan Connolly, Frank Sheehan

Brian Ryan, presents to Charlie Haughey, with Jimmy Farrell looking on

Barney Ryan RIP, Frank ORegan RIP

Stephen OGrady RIP, Stephen OConnor RIP

Maj Gen Savino gets a pint from Willie OConnor, Pakie Noonan RIP, Declan Fitzgerald look on. Opening of Taj

Joe Hyde nd Tommy Hickey on the Brens

Brian Reade receives the Nobel Peace Medal

Paddy Flynn breifing the troops in Kilworth. Looking on, Niall Gorey, Terry Casey, - -, John Moloney, Paul Ledger, Jerome Deloughrey, - -, Dusty Oreilly, Mick Corbett, Seamie Finucane, Noel OMara, Mick Deegan, - -

Jimmy Farrell, Gerry McMahon, Colm Doyle

Bushmills and Rama

- -, Butcher OGrady, John Murray and Tommy Boyce

Butcher OGrady, Mick McMahon

Butcher OGrady, Willie OShaughnessy, Windy Hogan, Ray Hehir

Butcher OGrady and Family

- -, Christy Tydings, Tony Slattery, Ger Shine, - -

FCA Cadres on Parade

Repairs in Barracks

Christy Enright RIP, Pat Deedigan

John Lynch, Rama Walsh, Josh Carroll, Mousey thompson, Brian McMahon, Noel Kelly, Peader Fahy, Nicky McNamara

Brian McMahon, Noel Kelly, Peader Fahy, Seamus Finucane, Dave McInerney, Nick McNamara, Rama Walsh, Andy Cawley

Celebrating on the range,

Cecil Healy RIP, Paddy McAuliffe RIP, Gerry Hayes

Frankie Quinlivan, Colin Haugh, Tommy McMahon, Martin OConnor

Charlie Haughey, opening of Milk Market

Terry Harris RIP and Charlie Hennigar checking out the demolished Petrol Pump station

Dermot Murphy escorting Chauchescu, Gerry Barry on right

Chauchescu visit, includes, Pat Prenderville, Kevin Hayes RIP, Mick Oriordan, Pat deedigan, Bob Ryan RIP, Dermot Murphy escorting officer

- -, - -, Stephen Boyce, MJ Hogan, Paul Fiztgerald, - -, Rory Flynn

Cheque Presentation , - -, John Thompson, Blondie Fitzpatrick, - -, John Hartigan, - -, Butcher OGrady, Willie OShaughnessy, Mick Carroll.Noel Kelly, Mark Sommers, John Moloney, Willie Treacy

Choir Practise

- Hayes, John Corrigan, Peter Daly, JJ Kelly, Colm Doyle, Fintan Molowney, Mick Egan, Philip Smith, - -, Brian Reade, Tony Daly, - -, - -, Christmas Dinner for the Troops, hard to get good waiting staff

Limerick City Christmas Run, front to back, Gerry Williams, Gary Ledger, Paul Ledger, John Corbett, Hughie Ryan, Willie Quinn, Jerome Deloughrey, Tommy Boyce, Mick Carroll, Donal Looney. Also included, Race starter Paddy OConnell, the Well Cabs top is worn by Peter Hogan, brother of Freddie the Fox Hogan

Gerry Williams, Gary Ledger, Paul Ledger, John Corbett, Hughie Ryan, Willie Quinn, Jerome Deloughrey, Tommy Boyce, Mick Carroll, Donal Looney

Christy Joker OBrien RIP, Timmors McCarthy, Ray Keane, Brendan OConnor

Pipers Cian McCarthy, Noel McCarthy

Con Leigh, B OLoughlin, Tom Vaughan, Tony OLoughlin

Clem OLoughlin, Joe Gardiner RIP, Aidan Anglim RIP, Jimmy OSullivan, Fionn OLOughlin, Tommy Farrell.

Connie Morrissey, Ben Murphy, Mikey McEvoy

At home on the Range, Connie Morrissey, Mick OConnell, Mick Considine ?, Ken Obrien, - -, Noel OMara, Mick Hickey, Donal Looney

Connie Nugent, Tony Deloughrey, Joe OLeary

Connie Nugent and Tony Deloughrey

Tommy Hartigan, reviewing a passing out parade in Clonmel. DJ Cronin behind him

Colin Haugh and Rama Walsh digging in in Kilworth

Colin Phillpott, Paulie Power, Mark Sommers, - -, Pat OHalloran, Eamon Buckley, Steve OConnell

Colum Ryan RIP, Junior Togher, Mick Durkin

Eoin Lynch and Charlie ONeill RIP. Not sure if this is the UN Peace Medal or the 50th Anniversary

Cook on Parade

Paul Fitz and Mick Reddan cooking for the RDF

John Corrigan and Frank Fahy RIP in Shannon

Cover off to the left, Gerry Barry to front, I think the NCO is Johnny Barry RIP

Cyril Shanahan Stand Down Parade.

Cyril Shanahan, Tommy Naughton, retirement, Colm Doyle

Dominic Walsh RIP, Paul Smalle, Tony Keane, Jimmy Roche, Joe Blake RIP

Painting by Danny Vaughan, Copyright Danny Vaughan

Blues Brothers, Donal Looney and Rama Walsh

Painting by Danny Vaughan, Copyright Danny Vaughan

Davey Finn

Painting by Danny Vaughan, Copyright Danny Vaughan

Dave McInerney with Styer, Tony Stack reading the take away menu, Tony Ryan looking away.

Departure of Jhn Paul 11, from Shannon Airport, Escorting Officer Dermot Murphy, John Cawley on left with mustache.

Denis Walsh handing in his kit after 41 years Service

Denis Walsh at his retirement party

Dave McInerney cleaning down his FN

Davey Finn on left

Dir of S&T inspection of 3rd S&T

- -, Tony Hackett, Dave Kerin, Donal Looney, Gerry Barry, Ned ONeill, Rama Walsh, Ger Fitz

Dave McInerney, Gerry OShaughnessy Limerick Leader, Declan Obrien RIP, Frank Greaney. Making a presentation to the Limerick Leader for their continued supply of the Local papers to the Leb

Danny Nugent RIP and Mick Carroll on the occasion of receiving their State stripes

Donal OSullivan RIP, William Billy Bushmills McNamara

Dusty OReilly, Butcher OGrady, Rama Walsh

Donal OSullivan RIP, John Hartigan, Gerry Williams, George Ryan, John Fennessy, Butcher OGrady

GOCs Barrack Gym, Mick egan, Frosty McCormack, Eddie OCarroll, Gerry Benson, Christy OConnor, Vinny Lyons, John OMahoney, Billy McNamara

Presentation of DSM to John Power RIP, Paddy Kelly RIP with tray, Eoghan South photographer on right, Flag Party Willie Keane, Gerry Kelly RIP, Harry Naugh

GOCs Barrack Gym, Barney Ryan RIP, Joe Lysaght RIP, John Lysaght, Mervyn Ambrose

Connie Morrissey in the Signal Stores

Ex Faranfore, lunch time, Paul OBrien RIP, Ken OBrien

Mike Woodland, Mikey Cronin

Dusty OReilly, Mousey Hannon

Dusty OReilly on duty

Eddie Byrnes and Cecil Healy RIP, resting at the back gate

Eddie Small, Cootehill

Danny Nugent and Aidan Anglim, both RIP

Paul OBrien, Range scoring, Tony Millar

Moving of Military Cannons to Hunt Museum, Eddie Higgins and Colm Doyle supervise

Moving Cannons into place

Emmet McInerney, - -, Christy Pickford, - -

Engs, Murty Hanley, Paddy Gleeson, Mick Purcell, John Cronin,

Eugene Shannahan, Pat Deedigan, Rama Walsh, Kit Kat tasting

Ex Faranfore, troops on the square Ballymullen

Pln in attack excercise in Kilworth

I'm sure they are around here, there are the exercise marshalls.

Can we fire now

Denis Carroll, Willie OShaughnessy, Pat Hanley, Butcher OGrady, the Sarge moving right and Declan Fitz leaning on the landrover

Denis Carroll, Butcher Ogrady, Willie OShaugnessy, Jimmy Noonan, Rory Flynn, Johnny McCormack, Pat Hanley, Dessie Hyde RIP, Mick Egan. In the background, Deccy Fitz, Billy Kiely, Cyril ONeill, Larry Johnson

GOCs in Barrack Gym, FCA Cadres on Parade

FCA Cadres march past

Front, Pat Deedigan, Noel Roche, Con Leigh, - -, - -, Colm Doyle, Mick Shanahan, Christy Enright RIP. Back - -, John French, Tom Vaughan, - -, Mark Anthony Ryan, Christy Coote, Synan OCallaghan, - -, - -, - -, - -, Harry Byrnes, - -,

Feeding time, Kilworth, Donie Ahern, Kevin Hogan, Pat Hogan, Noel Butler, Ken Obrien, Martin Drohan

Field Kitchen, Mick Hogan, Jim Kelly, Cyril McSweeney, Gerry McNamara, Pat Cunneen, Joe Touchstone

Presentation to GOC,

Frank Kiely RIP, Kieran Jordan, Mike Lysaght

Bearer Party GOCs, Jimmy Farrell, Brian Ryan, Freddie Bolger, Frank Houlihan, Sean Hickey, Blackie Lysaght

Eddie Carroll, Gary Ledger, Tony Daly, Declan Fitzgerald, Martin Horrigan, Willie Quinn, Terry Casey, Seamie Finucane, Tom OLeary, Christy Lynch, John Moore, Brian Lynch, Pennat Bearer Joe Ryan

Jimmy Farrell inspecting the Bearer Parties, Frank Houlihan, Eddie OCarroll, John Mullane, Tom OCallaghan, Christy OConnor, Pat Cunneen, Kieran Jordan BN CO

Fintan Molowney, Eamonn Moriarty RIP, - -, - -

Eddie Johnson and Mick Carroll, Annual Range Practises

Blackie Lysaght on parade. Phoncie Franklin Sgt Major

Frankie Quinlivan, Martin OConnor, Butcher OGrady

Frank Meaney,

Frankie Quinlivan, Colin Haugh

Frosty shows off the Black eye, that Karen gave him

Frank Greaney, on stand by in Shannon

Frankie Quinlivan, Gerry Williams

Freddie Bolger, Willie Keane, Harry Naughton

Frosty McCormack, Tommy Boyce

Frosty McCormack, Terry Casey, Mick Rid, Andy Cawley

Frosty McCormack, John Mullane, John ONeill

Mick Egan, pipes out Johnny Butler RIP.

Visit of John Paul 2, George Bolger RIP, Robbie Robinson

Sean Ftzpatrick, Liam McMarlowe RIP, Mick Finucane

Andy Richardson, George Ryan

Ger Guinane, Tony Ledger, Pat McCormack, Peter Organ, Pat Deedigan

Martin Gardiner, Ger Hartigan

Gay Mullally, Gary Murphy, Ger Boland

G Buckley, Pakie Kelly

Gerry Golly Collins, Gerry Coyle, Willie Bennett

Visit of George Foreman, Tony Deloughrey, Mattie OBrien, Cyril Shanahan, MJ Hogan, Frank Greaney, Mick Hickey, Bushmills McNamara, Jerome Deloughrey, - Kelly, Willie Treacy, Noel OMara, Hughie Ryan, John Thompson, Tony Hannon, Butcher OGrady, Jimmy OSullivan, John Moore, John Hartigan, George Ryan

Frankie on the range, Kilkornan

Frankie minding the Officers

Mick Egan, makes a presentation to Gerry Thompson

Gerry Thompson burning the stores in Kilworth to keep warm

Gerry Leo RIP, Whacker Collopy, Butcher OGrady

Back Row, 3rd Saw Leamy, 6th Billy Curtin, 7th Christian OBrien, 13th Ger Gardiner, 2nd Row, 5th Rama Walsh, 12th Anthony McNally, 13th John Mulready, Sean Gosgrave, Front, 12th Mick Flemming,

Ger Obrien, Tony Ryan, Declan Fitzgerald, Nicky McNamara, Bobby McNamara, John Moore

GOCs in Barrack Gym, Mick Egan, FRosty McCormack, Eddie OCarroll, Paddy Kelly, Gerry Benson, Christy OConnor, Vinny Lyons, John OMahoney, Billy McNamara

Gerry Irwin RIP, Mick OReilly, John Mullane, Martin Bedford

Rory Flynn, Johnny Mullane, Dermot McNamra, Tom Dower, Mick Carroll

Mick Troy, Billy McNamra, Tony Stack, Mick OBrien

Shamrock Parade, Ger Hartigan, Eddie OByrne, Freddie Bolger, Father Shinnors ?

Gerry Hall, Jim Lyons, -Michael Treacy

Gus Donnelly on duty in Kilworth again

Rusty Keane, Noel Moloney, Ger Hartigan, Gerry Ryan, Mick Kennedy, Mick Byrnes

GOCs June 2016, Willie Quinn, Mark Somers, Rama Walsh, Seamie Finucane, Ger Carmody, Jason Boyce

GOCs B Coy

GOCs 1986, Mick Egan, Tony Gardiner, Noel Kelly, Sean Hickey, Paul Small, Ger Hayes, John Corbett, Jamsie Walsh, Tony Millar, Paddy McCormack RIP,

Seamie Finucane, Jimmy ODonoghue, Frank Bennis, John Tolton, John Corbett, Paddy McCormack RIP, - -, Noel Kelly, Tony Byrnes, Joe Morrissey

GOH for Mary Robinson, Arthurs Quay,

Chauchescu visit, Dermot Murphy escorting, Tommy Naughton, Pat OBrien, Martin Culligan

GOH rehearsal on the square, Brian Ryan OiC

GOH, Shannon

Willie Keane RIP, discussing details with the GOH Officers, Sean Fitzpatrick on right. Larry Johnson, John OHara, looks like Timber ONeill behind

From left, Pat McGarry, - -, - -, Cecil McMahon, John Cooney, Eamon Mullane, Skippy Kelly RIP, Mick Carroll, Maurice OLeary, Tony Hogan,

GOH, Milk Market, Right, Pat OBrien, Niall Breen, Gary Ledger, Shane Malone, Left Ken OBrien

George Ryan, Cha Haran, Tony McNamara

Shooting Teams, including, Donal Looney, Rama Walsh, Dave Kerin, Ben OBrien, John and Joe Cooney

Guard room Kilworth

Gun Pull Sarsfield Barracks, Blues, Pat OBrien, Mick Carroll, Mick Brosnahan, Colin Haugh, Mick OConnell, Liam OCallaghan, Frank Greaney, Eddie Higgins, Butcher OGrady, Gussie Cleary, Willie OShaughnessy, Whites, Paddy Considine, - -, Bobby McNamara, Tom Leahy, Mick McEvoy, Sean OCallaghan, Paul Hogan, Declan OBrien RIP, Brian McMahon, Reds Mick Troy, Tommy Boyce, Mick Woodland, Tony Cusack, Noel Moloney, Martin OConnor, John Mulready

John OMalley RIP, Mick Finnan, Noel Ahern RIP, Tony OSullivan, Pakie Kelly, Christy Kelly

Front, Jamie Keane, Nicky McNamara, Gerry Williams, Sean Hickey, Donal Enright, Happy ODwyer, Denis OKeeffe, Back, Dermot Cummins, Eamon Mullane, Billy Butler, Tadgh McCarthy, --, Denis Ryan, John Moloney, Donal Looney, John Lysaght, Rasher Byrnes, Gus Donnelly

Happy ODwyer RIP and Tawsey

Barrack BBQ

Get together Taj

Dir S&T inspection, included, Harry Naughton, Paddy Fennessy, Mick ODea, Anthony Hayes, Paddy Howlin, Blossom OMahoney

Hide lads, they are coming

Here they come

Sean Hickey hand on head, Pat Dillon, Gerry Hall,

Freddie Bolger, Willie Keane, Harry Naughton

HQ Coy on Parae, Rusty Keane,

Patsy Walsh, Willie Keane, Billy McGrath, Cyril McSweeney, Rama Walsh

John OMalley RIP, Jim Moloney, Willie Keane, Billy McGrath, Tony Jackson, Cyril McSweeney RIP, Tony Liddy, John McCarthy, Jim McNamara

Tony Liddy, Pat OBrien, Blondie Fitzgerald, Tony Stack, Alfie Earls, Pat Deedigan, Tony Ledger, Billy McGrath

Cyril McSweeney RIP, - -, - -, Johnny Butler RIP

Johnny Cantillon

Jerome Deloughrey, Pat OBrien, Stan Hurley, Duckie Lyons, Norman Walters RIP, Pat OCallaghan

Joe Curtin, Sean OCallaghan, GOCs

Mick McMahon, Johnny Cantillon

Johnny Cantillon returning parade statement

Johnny McCormack, Colin Haugh

John McCarthy, Christy Bardini, Peader Fahy

Paddy Murrihy, John ONeill, Hubie Bolger, - -, Tommy Hickey, Noel Ahern RIP, John Power RIP, - -

The Jackson Brothers

John Bullman, Jimmy Roche, Dessie Hyde RIP, Paddy OConnor, - -, - Massey, Rocky Ryan RIP. Matt OBrien escorting officer

John Cremmins, Donie Ahern, John Ahern, Will ONeill, Toddy Fitzgerald RIP, John ONeill