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 Absent Friends, may they Rest in Peace

This page will be for those, of our friends that have passed on.

That we may meet them down the road.

 I am still looking for photos of a number of Absent Friends, if you can help, please contact me and we can update the page.

Alan Boyce

Alan Maher

Andy Hussey

Andy Tier
Ben Gibney

Bill Hillard

Arthur Riordan

Barney Ryan

Batt Daly

Bernard Scaw McCarthy

Bernie Mac

Bill Dollard

Mick Birdy ODonnell

Bob Ryan

Charlie ONeill

Christy Enright

Christy ODwyer

Colum Ryan Snr

Charlie Ryan

Cecil Healy

Declan OBrien

Cyril McSweeney

Danny Nugent

Dave Kelly

Dinny ODwyer

Dessie Hyde

Dominic Walsh

Eddie Mason

Eoin Lynch

Frank Fahy

Eamon Moriarty

George Billy Bolger

Frank Kiely

Frank ORegan

Freddy Kenny

Gay Twoomey

George Butterfield

Ger Hogan

Ger Ossum Fogarty

Gerry Irwin

Gerry Thompson

Jim Boyle

Gerry Hanley

Jim Coyle

Jimmy Nash

Jim Moyasta Walsh

Jimmy Cremmins

Jimmy McKell

Joe Blake

Joe Gardiner

Joe OLeary

John Doyle

John Laing

John Mulqueen

Joe Skippy Lysaght

John OMalley

Johnny Barry

John Power

John Power DSM

John Ryan

Johnny Butler

Johnny Dillon

Johnny Hannon

Kevin Hayes

Kieran OConnell

Peter Knuckser OConnell

Junior Ryan

Larry OConner

Jim Byrnes

Liam Fogarty

Liam McMarlowe

Liam Seymour

Martin Rocky Ryan

Mick Barry

Mick Fogarty

Mick ODea

Mick Benn

Mikes Kiely

Mick Noonan

Mucks Ryan

Paddy Buckley

Noelie Meade

Noel OGrady

Norman Walters

Paddy Cuddihy

Paddy Hynes

Paddy Kelly

Paddy McCormack

Pakie Noonan

Pat Curtin

Paddy McCormack

Patie ODonoghue

PJ Bennis

Paul OBrien

Pete Gardiner

Peter Greene

Ray Frawley

Scobie Rice

Sean OConnor

Pat Skippy Kelly

Slim Ryan

Stephen OGrady

Anthony Skinny McCormack

Stephen OConnor

Timmy Barry

Tommy Corbett

Tony Dawson

Thomas Boyce

Toddy Fitzgerald

Tom Tabs Gleeson

Tommy Carroll

Tommy Houlihan

Tony Kelliher

Tony Murphy

Tony Quilty

Tommy Dorney

Donal OSullivan

Vinny Strang

Willie Keane

Aidan Padwick

Aidan Anglim

Christy Kelly

Dave Hyland

Noel Frahill

Seamus Purcell

Gerry Kelly

Tony Cock Ryan

Christy Earls

Edward Tucker Power

Andy Burns

Johnny Lucas

Paddy Morgan

Neville Furlong

John Devane

Stephen Conroy

Mick Kennedy (McGyver)

Sonny DeLoughrey

Joe Touchstone

Billy ( Bushmills ) McNamara

Tony Mullins

Gerry McMahon

Mick Finucane

Tony Hayes

Martin Neill

Martin Ahern

Gerry Benson

Mick Glancy

Mick Shannon

Jackie Ward

John Cawley

Lam Hartley

Dan Ryan

Mick Barry

Nicky Kennedy

Anthony OConnor, Antoin

Michael Lyons, Rabbit

Jim Devereux

Jimmy Ryan

Mick Daly

Jimmy Wall

Mick Moore

Martin Kennelly

Gareth McNamara

Tommy Liddy

Brendan Tex ORegan

Tommy (Chink) Hickey

Tony Lynch

Mick Duffy

Martin OConnor

Noel Cosgrave

John Ahern

Jimmy (Ned) Constable

Pat Brinn

Tommy OLoughlin

Ned Spillane

Ger Jackson

Gerry Noonan

Danny Leahy

Tom ONeill

Sam Brown

Timmors McCarthy

Denis Walsh

Paul Doherty

Paddy Doyle

Michael Johnny ODoherty

Johnny Gardiner

Johnny Bullman

Christy Kelly

Christy Bardini

Paul Duffy

Willie ODonoghue

Tommy McMahon

Paddy Vaughan

Mick OReilly

Mick Haslam

Danny Doran

Mick Fitzgerald

John Ryan

Noel Walsh

Tony Hogan

Ger Fitzgerald

Martin Gardiner

Sean OMeara

Jimmy Barry

John (Knox) ODonnell

Aidan (OB) OBrien
Mick ODonnell (Mingy Man)
Joe OCallaghan
Patrick (Blackie) Burke

Paddy Forde

Micky Purcell

Jim Nevada Kelly

John Chalkie Cunningham

Liam Daly

Mick Leamy

Johnny Higgins

John McSweeney

Michael McCormack

John Falvey

Tony McNamara

Michael OConnor

Eugene Payne

Cecil McMahon

Jackie Clancy

Jim Boland

Fergal Roche

Michael Lowe

Ger Bruce Lee

George Staunton

Christy Hogan

Jamsie Walsh

John (Baby) McCarthy

PJ Maher

Kevin Walsh

Noel Kelly

Tony Jackson

Joe OConnor

Michael Lynch

Gerry Phelan

Mick Nolan

Keith Meade

Willie Roche

Robert Smalle

Pat McDonagh

Joe McEvoy

Stephen Mannie McNamara

Ger OLeary

Padraig Shanahan

Private Sean Rooney,
121st Bn UNIFIL

Peter Daly

Capt Kieran OConnor,
12th Bn RDF

Willie Stephenson

Larry McKenna

Dermot Robbie Robinson

Gary Kirwin

Paddy Carmody

Eddie Tinker Byrnes

Frank Quaid

Peter Barrett

Donal Donie Culhane

Pat Scully

Tom Naughton

Foncy ODonnell

Larry Hayes

Juni0r Connors

Jim Coady

Frank Kelly

Pte Ignacy Sokulok, 12th BN

Martin (Murty) Ryan

Ollie Reddan

Michael McGuire

Tom (Teech) Foley

John Cronin

Joe Kennelly

Leslie Healy

Danny Vaughan

Thomas Meade

Billy McNamara

Willie Keane
Ex IUNVA Chairman

John ONeill

Ger Hartigan

Joe Hayes

Willie OConnor

Tommy Coughlin

 BFW Members

Davey Finn

Freddy Murphy

Gerry Long

John OReilly

Micky McMahon

Paddy McAullife

Tom Gillick

Tom Mulligan

Paddy Touhy

Jackie McNight

Noel Quinn