48 Bn: Nov 1980 to Apr 1981

Gerry Shine and Friends

Gerry Shine, Johnny Barry RIP

Johnny Barry RIP, Gerry Shine, rehearsing

Johnny Barry RIP, John Joyce, - -

Johnny Barry RIP, possibly outside Mansours
Mingy Shop

Johnny Barry RIP, Swanning

Johnny Barry RIP, Tommy Hickey RIP,
Mick Fogarty

Ray Frawley RIP 47 Bn, Johnny Barry RIP,
Mick Fogarty

Taxi for Beruit

View from the Post

Ray Frawley RIP 47 Bn, Johnny Barry RIP,
Pat Stallard

Joe Ryan, Paul Sherlock, Bob Ryan RIP, John Lynch.

49 Bn: May 1981 to Oct 1981

Mike Keane and Mike McNamara


50 Bn: Nov 1981 to Apr 1982

Mick Corbett, Norman Walters RIP

Norman Walters RIP, Mick Corbett

Mick Corbett, Mick Kennedy, Norman Walters,
Mick Bourke

Niall Breen, Joe Duggan, Mick Corbett

Ger OBrien, - Keogh

Back, Mick Kennedy RIP. Front John Cooney,
Eammon Siggins, Tommy Burns, Packie
ODonoghue RIP

Joe Nash, Eddie Galvin, Norman Walters RIP.

51 Bn: May 1982 to Oct 1982

- -, Mick Bullman, Frank Greaney, carrying out repairs to an injured bird

Pat Skippy Kelly, Tommy Dorney RIP

Tommy Dorney RIP, Brian White, Johnny Scott, John Power RIP, - -, Cecil McMahon, - -, -Tom -,
Pa OBrien, Sean Hickey

Mick Bullman, Almaza Training

Front - -, Mick Troy, Gerry Hall, Pa OBrien, Brian White, Tom -, Sean Hickey, Tommy
Dorney RIP, Cecil McMahon, Gerry Frawley.
2nd Row, Dennie OKeeffe, - -, Tony Dawson
RIP, John Holden, Mick Bullman, Sean Hogan, Stephen OConnor RIP, Christian OBrien.
3rd Row Mick Woodland, P Kelly, G Mitchell,
Mick Finucane, - -, - -, Pat Dillon, - -,
4th Row, - -, - -, - -, - -, - -, - -, - -,

Gerry Hall

Gunga Hayes taking aim

Hurry up and wait,  G Mitchell, M Finucane RIP,
S Keogh, S Hogan, T Dawson RIP

G Hall, with that BAP again

Included Kevin Hanley, Gerry Frawley and Brian White at the 51st Bn Christmas Do

Mick Bullman startled at the prices

Mick Bullman and Stevie Keogh very alert

B Coy Medal Parade 51st

The first mingy barber Cecil McMahon

Mick Troy, Mick woodland, Eddie OSullivan, G Frawley, Brian White, Gerry Hall

- -, Pa OBrien, Tommy Dorney RIP

Pa OBrien on Duty, Tech Town ?

That Bap again, this time Pa OBrien.

Martin Nugent, PJ Hassett, MPs swanning again

Pa OBrien, Cecil McMahon, Tommy Dorney RIP, Mick Bullman, sup chai

Sean Hickey advertising Almaza instead of wine

Sean Hickey, Pa OBrien on CP Duty

Sean Hickey, - -, Pa OBrien, Tommy Dorney RIP

Cecil McMahon with hat, Stephen OConnor RIP,
Sean Hickey

Pa OBrien supervising the Isreali Invasion

- -, Bob Ryan RIP, Johnny Barry RIP, Eddie OCarroll, Johnny Barry Collection

- -, Joe Ryan, Johnny Barry RIP, - -, Pat Curtin
RIP, Bob Ryan RIP, Tony Cronin, Johnny Barry Collection

- -, Johnny Barry RIP, Johnny Barry Collection

- -, Johnny Barry RIP, Johnny Barry Collection

- -, Tom OLeary, happy birthday lads, Johnny
Barry Collection

Canteen Time again, Johnny Barry Collection

Canteen Run ?, Johnny Barry RIP, Johnny Barry Collection

Pat Curtin RIP, Johnny Barry RIP, Bob Ryan RIP, Tony Cronin, Johnny Barry Collection

Eddie OCarroll in full song, Johnny Barry Collection

George Bulger RIP, enjoying the canteen time, Johnny Barry Collection

Hair cuts lads, Johnny Barry RIP, Johnny Barry Collection

George Bulger RIP, Johnny Barry Collection

George Bulger  RIP, in great form, Johnny Barry Collection

Jim Nevada Kelly and Johnny Barry RIP, moving sandbags, Johnny Barry Collection

Joe Ryan watches on as Johnny Barry entertains, Eddie OCarroll, Johnny Barry Collection

- -, bedtime, Johnny Barry Collection

Joe Ryan, - -, Johnny Barry, - -, John Lynch, - -, Johnny Barry Collection

On Patrol, Johnny Barry Collection

Johnny Barry on CP Duty, this could be from the 44th, Johnny Barry Collection

Bob Ryan RIP, Johnny Barry RIP, Eddie OCarroll, Johnny Barry Col

Johnny Barry RIP, Eddie OCarroll, George Bulger RIP. Johnny Barry Collection

Johnny Barry RIP on duty, Johnny Barry collection

Johnny Barry RIP, Sean Hickey, Johnny Barry Collection

Johnny Barry RIP and Willie OConnor on right, Johnny Barry collection

Johnny Barry RIP, John Lynch with cravat, Johnny Barry collection

Johnny in action, Johnny Barry Collection

Memorial to Tom Barrett, Johnny Barry Collection

Mingy Man, Johnny Barry RIP, Johnny Barry Collection

More sandbags lads, Johnny Barry Collection

More beer for the lads, Johnny Barry Colle

Samsons Bar Nahariya, Johnny Barry Colloection

Session in the Canteen, Johnny Barry Collection

Tom Tea Bag OLeary, Johnny Barry Collection

Tony Cronin about to shave his head, Johnny Barry Collection

Tony Cronin and Johnny Barry waiting for the
socks to dry, Johnny Barry collection

Tony Cronin, - -, Johnny Barry RIP, Johnny Barry Collection

They had a cuppa while waiting, Johnny Barry Collection

Willie OConnor, Bob Ryan RIP, Tony Cronin, Johnny Barry Collection

Mick Bullman, Cecil McMahon, any idea where we would get a  few cans of Almaza

Tony Wallace, Cecil McMahon, Mick Bullman

Pat OBrien, Mick Bullman, Gerry Mitchell, Sean Hickey


52 Bn: Nov 1982 to Apr 1983

- -, Liam McMarlowe RIP, Noel OGrady RIP, - -,
James Walsh, Nicky McNamara, Martin Hannon

Bernie Mac RIP and friends

Ger Gradiner, James Walsh

James Walsh, Noel OGrady RIP

Noel OGrady RIP

Billy Curtin call home

Billy Curtin, Bernie Mac RIP

Danny Coote, Joe Nash in Tyre

Foxy ODonnell, Tony McDonnell,
Tony McGarry on patrol

Gerry Williams

- -, Noel OGrady RIP, Tom Leahy, James Walsh,
- -, Foxy ODonnell

- -, Liam McMarlow RIP, James Walsh

Noel OGrady RIP, James Walsh RIP, Tony Hogan RIP

- -, Nicky McNamara, Liam McMarlow RIP,
Tony Hogan RIP

Tony Hogan RIP, Ger Gardiner

Foxy ODonnell, John Cawley RIP

Tony Hogan RIP, Noel OGrady RIP, - - - -.

Back Martin Hannon, Ger Gardiner, - -, Martin
Butler, Middle Tony Hogan RIP,
Noel OGrady RIP, Mike Mason,
Front John Thompson, Jamsie Walsh RIP, Tony Gardiner.

John Finnegan, Tommy ODwyer, Maurice Boland

Colin Costin, Waterford. Trevor Blanche, Tipperary. Fred Donovan, Cork. Joe Ward, Limerick. The 4th Bn on tour, outside the canner in Haddathah.  Photo Trevor Blanche


53 Bn: May 1983 to Oct 1983

Rama Walsh, Alfie Earls, Jimmy McCarthy

Paul Small, Stan Hurley

Rama Walsh, Jimmy McCarthy, Tom Grace

Stan Hurley, Peter OConnor, Paul Small,
Rama Walsh, Mick ODonnell RIP, Jimmy
McCarthy, John Ahern RIP, Blackie Lysaght,
Alfie Ears, Sean OCallaghan

Stan Hurley, Mingy shopping

Rama Walsh, Bill Mullery

54 Bn: Nov 1983 to Apr 1984

Brendan Healy, John Power DSM RIP, Cyril
Shanahan, Mick Shanahan

Back Ritchie Crowe, Ger Hannon,
Mick Shanahan, Gerry Noonan RIP, Joe Hayes,
Willie Scott, - -, Danny Nugent RIP, - -, Dermot Cummins.
Middle, Willie Ahern, Mikes Kiely RIP, - -, - -,
Eddie Coady, - -, Mick Murphy, Con Nugent,
Joe Cooney, Skippy Kelly RIP.
Front, Aidan McInerney, John Power DSM RIP,
Brian Reade, Brendan Healy, Pat Nash,
Cyril Shanahan, 3pl Christmas party

COs inspection.  Martin Bulldog Coakley on right

Aidan McInerney, Con Nugent, Mick McNamara.
Pakie Kelly, Eddie Coady

Joe Ryan, John Sweeney, Jimmy Maher, Skippy Granville, Pat Curtin RIP

B Coy Stand By Pln, Haddathah

All from Ballynanty, Pakie Kelly, Dermot
Cummins, Aidan McInerney, Mick McNamara,
Ken OBrien, Mick Tobin

Billy Butler on Duty bemoaning the shortage of Cabbage

Barry Healy, Ben Murphy, Danny Nugent RIP

Ber Kelly, COs inspection

Brads on line repair

Martin Bulldog Coakley on duty, Haddathah CP

Brendan Healy, Skippy Kelly RIP, Mick
McNamara, Billy Butler, Cyril Shanahan

Bn COs visit to At tiri.

- -, Martin Buldog Coakley on 60Hr Jerusalem

Brads, D McGinley, Mick McNamara

Brads swanning again

Brian Reade, Brendan Healy

Connie and Brads topping up the tan

COs inspection, Noel Lutteral on left of guard

Charlie Hennigar

Connie Nugent on Line repair, I think he found
the problem

Sleeping Beauty

Dicky Doyle

Cpl Tommy Carroll, Tpr Skippy Granville (1st Cav)
and John Holden at the checkpoint in Scribben while with B Coy 54th Bn.

Dermot Cummins, Ger Hannon, Paddy Guerin,
- -, Danny Nugent RIP, - -, Charlie Hennigar

Gerry Noonan Coy COs driver talking to Bn COs driver

Inspection time in Rashaf

Ken OBrien and Connie Nugent having a can or

Ken OBrien, - -, Mick Spud Murphy

Ken OBrien, John Power DSM RIP, Pat Curtin RIP

Mick Kelly RIP, B Coy Transport NCO, in
Jerusalem on a 60Hr

Mick McNamara, Paul Ledger, Eddie Galvin,
Mick Tobin, John Corbett, Billy Two Beans Kiely, Pakie Kelly

Molopoly Night in B Coy, Ken OBrien, Mick Kelly, Mick McNamara. Denis Fox.

NCOs No 3 Pln, B coy, Mick Shanahan, Skippy
Kelly RIP, Pat McGarry, John Power DSM RIP,
John Corbett, Tommy Carroll, John OHara

On Parade, Ben Murphy, Mick Kelly, John Sweeney, Brian OK Reade

B Coy on Parade

Pat McGarry, Pakie Kelly, Foxy Morrsseey, on parade for the Bn CO

Pakie Kelly on Duty, Haddathah

Paul Ledger, Billy Butler, handbag shopping in Jerusalem

B Coy Tug of War Competition

Tom Wallace, Larry Considine, PJ OLeary, Martin Coakley, Tom OLeary - -

Tommy -, armed and dangerous

John Sweeney, Eddie Watters