61 Bn: May 1987 to Nov 1987

B Coy Pers with 61 Bn,
Front Row, left Martin Byrnes RIP, Pat Prenderville,  Pat McGarry,  P Keane, Pat Crotty, Mick Shanahan. Tom McSharry.
Middle Row, - -, - -, Kieran Curry, - -, Alan LeBlanc, Mick Deegan, Pat OKeeffe, Jamsie Maher, - -, Dusty Oreilly, Scobie Rice RIP, - -, - -, - -, Pat Curtin RIP.
Back Row, Alan Love, Bidgie Connery, - -, - -, Ollie Boyce, - -, Tony Cronin, Jim Hannigan, Ger OMahony.

Dusty OReilly, Scobie Rice RIP

Tom McSharry, Pat Curtin RIP.


62 Bn: Nov 1987 to Apr 1988

B Coy 62 Bn

Leb training in Kilworth, 62Bn, Billy Curtin on right in charge

Rama Walsh, Martin Murphy

Sean Gleeson, Brian McMahon

Billy Curtin, Slim Ryan, - -, - -, Jimmy McKell RIP

Gerry Ralph, Donal Looney, Brian McMahon, Rama Walsh, Sean Foley, Gus Donnelly, Nigel Cadogan behind Mick Mulcahy

Kevin Hanley, Brian McMahon

- Smyth, Christy Enright RIP, Liam Kenny

Alan Maher RIP, Rama Walsh, Mick ODwyer, John Cooney

Jimmy Farrells visit to B Coy. Jimmy McKell RIP, Sgt Major, Leo Brownen, Jimmy Farrell, Harry Byrnes, Brian Lenihan

A little R&R, Denis Ryan, Foxy Morrissey, Liam Kenny, Paul ODwyer

Ken OBrien pulling Beers in Samsons Nethanya

KP Duties, Liam Kenny, Paul ODwyer

At the Bn Shoot,

Slim Ryan, Billy Curtin, Brian McMahon, Rama Walsh, Donal Looney wrestling Gus Donnelly to the floor.

Christy Coote, Eugene OSullivan, Jimmy McKell RIP, Brian Lenihan, Leo Brownen, Harry Byrnes, John -, Paddy Boyce

- -, - -, Leo Brwonen, Vinny Coyle, Martin Drohan, - -, - -,

Brian McMahon and Rama Walsh try out the Camels

Bobby Walsh gets his UN Medal from Jimmy Farrell

Billy Curtin oversees his charges in Tel Aviv

- Smyth, - -, Billy Curtin

Breakfast in 614C, Rama Walsh, Foxy Morrissey, Liam Kenny

Brian McMahon, Ken OBrien in Kilworth

Brian McMahon, Rama Walsh, Harry Byrnes, Christy Coote

Brother Mark, - -, Liam Kenny

Canteen Time, Liam Kenny, Paddy Hogan, Steve Conroy

Christmas Dinner and a fag, Foxy, Brian, Liam, Nigel Cadogan

Cork Lads in the Canteen, Peter -,

Cork Pln, B Coy,

Donal Looney, Liam Kenny, Donal OSullivan RIP

Denis Ryan on CP Duty

Liam kenny, Joe Cooney and double doubles

Ken OBrien making doughnuts in 614C

Denis Ryan and Mick Hickey keeping warm

Dusty OReilly, Ken OBrien on 60 hr in Jerusalem

Dusty checking what he bought in Bethlehem

Force Commanders visit on Paddys Day. Jimmy McKell RIP, Bobby Walsh, Jimmy Farrell

Force Commanders visit

Foxy Morrissey discusses the heating system with Jimmy Farrell

Foxy Morrissey and Paul ODwyer, mingy shopping

Foxy seranading Liam kenny

Gerry Ralph getting his UN Medal

Gerry Ralph, Jimmy Farrell, Leo Brownen

Grub must be good, Liam Kenny, Paul ODwyer and Foxy are still eating

Ken OBrien on half rations

Harry Byrnes, Pa Boyce

Tough Duty at Massilia Junction, Paul ODwyer, Liam Kenny, Foxy Morrissey

Hurry UP, Jimmy is on the way. Liam Kenny, Foxy Morrissey

I am a Ranger, Mick Mulcahy

Visit by Irish Consul

Jimmy Farrell presents Bobby Walsh with his shooting medal

Jimmy Farrell meeting Christy Enright RIP. Leo Brownen, Jimmy McKell RIP, Mick Hicky, Paul Halley

Jimmy McKell RIP, gets his UN Medal from Jimmy Farrell

B Coy Rifle team receiving Medals from Jimmy Farrell, Jimmy McKell RIP, John Cooney, Bobby Walsh, - -, Rama Walsh

 - -, Leo Brownen

Jimmy Farrell, Jimmy McKell RIP, John Cooney

Relaxing, John Foley, Foxy Morrissey, Paul ODwyer

Leo Brownen, Jimmy Farrell, Harry Byrnes, Brian Lenihan

Jimmy Farrell on Inspection

Jimmy McKell RIP meets Jimmy Farrell

John and Frank, yes sir we made this

John Ray shaking Jimmy's hand

John Tolton

John Tolton checking the driveway in 614C

John Tolton, Mick Deegan

Ken OBrien, - Smyth, Liam Kenny, Donal OSullivan RIP

Curragh/Kilkenny PLn

Ken OBrien and the happy couple, I was asked by Leo Brownen to photo their wedding

Ken OBrien, John Cooney

Liam Kenny, Ken OBrien

Liam Kenny, Nigel Cadogan, Foxy Morrissey, swanning in 614C

Liam Kenny, - Smyth, - -

Liam Kenny, Foxy Morrissey wearing their new glasses

Work party in 614C, Liam Kenny, Foxy Morrissey, Paul ODwyer

John Ray, Ken OBrien, Frank Connolly, Tony Ledger, Jim Kelly, Niall McMahon

Leo Brownen making a presentation to Jimmy Farrell

Leo Brownen, Bobby Walsh, John Cooney

Liam Kenny, Jimmy Farrell, nice to meet you

Limerick/Clonmel No 3 Pln

Donal Looney, Gus Donnelly, Mick Mulcahy, Niall McMahon behind

Loughie on Post at 614C

Mick Mulcahy, Gus Donnelly, Rama Walsh

Martin Drohan and John Tolton

Massaliya Junction

Mass in Tulin

A good turn out for Mass

Leo Brownen, Jimmy McKell RIP, Jimmy Farrell, Brian Luby, Gus Donnelly, Steve Conroy, Brian McMahon, Rama Walsh

Brian McMahon getting his medal, John Foley, Denis Ryan

Rama Walsh getting his medal, Aidan Padwick RIP

Paddy Hogan collecting his number. Twenty was it Paddy

Tulin Camp

Mick Mulcahy, Donal OSullivan RIP, John Ray, Niall mcMahon, Paul ODwyer, - -. Paddy Kelly, Liam Kenny

John Ray getting his medal from Jimmy Farrell

Mick Mulcahy showing his Operation Transformation Abs

Mick Mulcahy, its okay lads the place is safe

Mick Mulcahy meeting the locals

Mikes Kiely RIP, playing in the Christmas Pudding

Miley mixing with the Locals

Mick Mulcahy and Rama Walsh arrest the interpreter in Madjil Silm

Nigel Cadogan on CP Duty

Liam Kenny, Brian McMahon, Rama Walsh, Foxy Morrissey

Liam Kenny, Foxy Morrissey and Paul ODwyer digging for water

Op Duty

Paul ODwyer and Liam Kenny on CP Duty

John Tolton marking up his hours in an APC

Paddy Hogan carrying out TOETs with the locals

Paul ODwyer minding Liam Kenny on night Duty

Peter Deady, Liam Kenny going on Patrol

Bn Pistol Shoot

Denis Ryan, - OLoughlin, Donal Looney, Foxy Morrissey playing poker.

Foxy and Liam pose for the Cameras

Jimmy Farrell presenting Rama with his shooting medal

Rama and the lads enjoying the Bn shoot, John Hubbart on the right, he has assured me that he has given up the fags

Rama Walsh and Liam Kenny on Duty

Rama Walsh and Liam Kenny, WWF

Eugene OSullivan, Bobby Walsh, Rama Walsh

ARW, protecting South Leb, Nigel Cadogan, Mick Mulcahy

Brian Lenihan checking the fall of shot

Paddy Considine, Brian McMahon, Rama Walsh, Joe Cooney, John Cooney

Jimmy McKell RIP, Leo Brownen, John Cooney, Bobby Walsh, - - Rama Walsh, Brian Lenihan

Locals showing offtheir weapons

Canteen time, Donal OSullivan RIP, - Smyth,

John Tolton, Sunrise in the AO

Swan Batt, Vinny Coyle, Christy Enright RIP, Billy Curtin, Donal Looney, Ger Ralph

Paddy Kelly, Gus Donnelly

The Snipe and Jimmy the Jumper

Jimmy, I am telling you the Steak was this size

Vinny Coyle, Jimmy McKell RIP, Brian Ryan

Vinny Coyle

War is hell, Gus Donnelly, Donal Looney, Rama Walsh

A very special Parade, Leo Brownen, Jimmy McKell, - -, in wellies

Liam Kenny, Paul ODwyer, will you take an Irish Punt

Sean Foley with a Butterfly/Moth

Another shot of the famous Wellies Parade, Jimmy Farrell was Bn CO

Brian McMahon, Donal Looney, Billy Curtin

63 Bn: May 1988 to Nov 1988

Pa Hogan on Duty

Tony Keane and Kevin McBride

64 Bn: Nov 1988 to Apr 1989

Tony Deloughrey parking the SISU

Tony Deloughrey prepared for Battle

- -, Tony Deloughrey, work detail

Tony Deloughrey receives his UN medal

Frankie Quinlivan, Dessie OLoughlin, Nuts Daniels, Kieran Walsh, Sean Cosgrave

Frankie Quinlivan, Nuts Daniels and Sull

Frankie Quinlivan, Ray Keane

65 Bn: May 1989 to Nov 1989

Anti Tank section, John Flaherty, Jimmy ODonoghue, John Lyhch, - -, - -, - -, Tony Gardiner, Mick Corbett

Tom Jinks, Joe Blake RIP, Denis Cusack, George Ryan, Mick Egan, John Lynch, Tony Gardiner, Dickie Doyle, Mick  Corbett, M Nugent, Ger Hannon

Coy Bake Off, John Flaherty, Tony Gardiner, John Moloney, Ger Hannon

66 Bn: Nov 1989 to Apr 1990

Steve OGray RIP, Tulin Camp

- -, Foxy Morrissey, - -, Liam McMarlowe RIP, - -, - -,

Peter Gunn, Paul Fitzgerald

Sean Foley

67 Bn: May 1990 to Oct 1990


68 Bn: Nov 1990 to Apr 1991

Rama Walsh, Ben Murphy, Gerry Ryan

Canteen Run, Liam Kenny, Brian McMahon, China Walters, Peader Fahy

Brian McMahon, - McGinley, China Walters, Liam Kenny

- McGinley's Birthday, Brian McMahon, Liam Kenny, Rama Walsh

Ben Murphy, - Buckley

Thats my cake, - McGinley, -China Walters, Liam Kenny, Rama Walsh

- Buckley, Brian McMahon, Dickie Doyle,

Feeding Time, Rama Walsh, - Spillane, Ben Murphy

Flipper Healy

Gerry Ryan, Ben Murphy

NBC Training, Ritchie Crowe, - -, Brian McMahon, Liam Kenny

John Crotty, Liam Kenny, Brian McMahon, China Walters, Flipper Healy, Peader Fahy, Ritchie Crowe

Peader Fahy, - McGinley, -China Walters, Liam Kenny, Rama sticking his head in