Leb Pers that I have not put with a Bn yet.

Joe Morrissey, on early bird 628

Martin OConnor RIP, Gary Ledger,
Mick Fitzgerald RIP

Tommy Carroll, Frank Fahy RIP,
Jim Carroll

Jerry Dineen, John Thompson

Jimmy ODonoghue, Frankie Quinlivan,
Connie Morrissy, Joe Morrissey, John -,
Mick Corbett, Eddie Coady,
Mick ODywer.

Joe Nash, Gerry OBrien, Niall Breen

Denis Fox, Billy Flynn, Johnny Scott

Father Des Campion on Duty.

Eddie Coady

Paddy Hogan centre,
Joe Touchstone RIP next

- -, John Moloney, Frankie Quinlivan,
Billy Butler

Billy Curtin, John Bowen, possibly 62Bn,
but they were out so often.

Tommy Carroll RIP, Mick OConnell

Joe Nash, Eddie Galvin, Peter OConnor, Christy Kelly, - -,

Mick Ryan, Birdie ODonnell RIP,
Kevin Hogan, Thomas Meade

Mick Deegan, Terry Casey,
Kieran Sweeney

Rama Walsh

Rama Walsh, Bill Mullery

Father Des Campion on CP Duty

Owen McCarthy and Brendan OConnor
enjoy a few cans

Owen McCarthy, John Kett,
darts champions

Owen McCarthy and Martin OConnor

Mick Corbett, Jimmy ODonoghue,
Tony Gardiner

Mick Shanahan

Eddie Coady and Frankie Quinlivan,
possibly 54th

Gerry Williams on CP Duty

Jamsie Walsh RIP, Noel OGrady RIP,
Tony Gardiner

John Sweeney, Eddie Waters

2 Corkmen who played a big part in
12th Bn soccer, Don Carey,
Barry Kelliher.

Frank Greaney and Wally Cook top up
their tans

Gerry Mitchell, Sean Hickey

Cyril Shanahan receiving his
Mission Medal
Cuckoos Nest 82, John Holden,
Pa OBrien, Dinny OKeeffe

Michael OConnor meets Dinny Cusack
on a visit to UNDOF in Sinai

Brian McMahon, Peader Fahy, eating
all the cake

Back, Ross Mulcahy, - -, - -,
Barney Goulding, Dusty OReilly,
Martin Drohan. Front, Pa Hogan,
Paulie Power, - -.

Billy Curtin, Slim Ryan, - -, - -,
Jimmy McKell RIP

Charlie Hennigar, Joe Duggan, Joe Nash, Christy Kelly, Dicky Doyle, Ger OBrien,
Christy Bardini RIP,
Pakie ODonoghue RIP, Tony Canning,
Eddie Galvin, Tommy Coughlan,

Frankie Quinlivan 3rd from right
swanning in Haifa

Mick Considine, Mick OConnell,
Charlie OLeary, Mick Connery, Seamie -,

Early Bird, Jimmy ODonoghue,
Mick Considine

Turn out the Guard

Review by the Minister of Defence,
before flying out

George Ryan, Pat ODonovan, PJ OLeary

Blackie Lysaght in Tyre

Flipper Healy relaxing

Antoin OConnor, Cyril McSweeney and
Joe OLeary return home

Liam Kenny receives a blessing from
Brother Mark

Mick OCallaghan and Mick OConnell

Brian McMahon, - -, Charlie Ingles,
Frankie Quinlivan, Frank Meaney

Billy George Bulger RIP, kp duties on the CP

Caltex Crew hard at work

Christy Enright RIP, Donal Looney,
Denis Ryan

Donnie OSullivan RIP, on Duty

Mick OConnell, Dave OShea

Brian McMahon, Donal Looney and
Billy Curtin

Danny Nugent RIP

Eddie head chef

Denis Ryan on Duty

Eamon Riordan, possibly Cyprus

Force Commanders Visit,

Foxy Morrissey, Rama Walsh

Gerry Hannon on tour

Jeff Allen, Mick Corbett,
Jimmy ODonoghue, John Price

Frankie Quinlivan, Gerry OBrien ?

Cyril McSweeney, Mick Tobin, Frankie Quilivan, John Murray,

George Ryan, Ready for Parade

George Ryan on Parade

Ger Hartigan, ration pack day

Ger Hannon with the locals

- -,  George Ryan

John Foley, Donal Looney, Sean Gleeson. Nenagh United

Jim Clancy, Peter Organ,
Blackie Lysaght, - Cavanagh,
Gerry McMahon

John Murray, Pa OBrien,
Mick Considine

Jimmy ODonoghue, Brian Lynch

Joe Ryan, Paul Sherlock, Bob Ryan RIP,
John Lynch

Joe Nash, Eddie Galvin,
Norman Walters RIP

Joe Ryan, George Ryan and
Mick Murphy

Mick ODwyer on top of the world

John Murray looking for Santa

John Sweeney APC Cleaning

John Tolton, Mark Somers, Peter Gunn

Limerick Lads, Mick Shannahan,
Paulie Power, Dusty Oreilly,
Tommy Boyce, Mick ODwyer,
Denis Walsh, - -, - -,

Liam Slattery, Tony Stack, Gerry Cullen

Mick Bullman in Concert, for one
night only

Pat Hinchey meeting Major General Jiaji Konousi Konrote, Force Commander

Mick OConnell relaxing in APC,
John ONeill, Franny Conran

Mick Carroll at the Medal Parde

R&R Pat Hinchey and friend

Pat and the Medics

Pat Hinchey in drag

Jim McNamara, Mick Corbett, - -,
John Moore, Niall McMahon,
COS visit Gerry McMahon

Sean Gleeson, Brian McMahon

Pat Hinchey celebrating

Pat Hinchey, possibly the 45th having a

Paulie Power, Noel OMara, Mick Tobin

Pa Hogan relaxing with the locals

- -, Pa Hogan

Paddy McCormack RIP, Eugene Wynne

Paddy Considine, Paddy ODonovan

Peter Manning, drinks time

Billy Curtin, Pa Hogan

Rama, do you like his home

Rama Walsh, Ben Murphy, Gerry Ryan

Rory Flynn and Liam Kenny, are you
under arrest there lads

Trevor Balnche in full voice.

Sean Foley Snr

Sean Hogan on patrol

Sean Hickey, Mick Bullman, Stan Hurley

Seamie Finucane, Ger Hartigan

Seamie Finucane, Noel Kelly

Sean Hickey, Pa OBrien, Eddie Coady,
Tom OBrien

Slim Ryan, Billy Curtin, Brian McMahon, Donal Looney and Rama Walsh

Tony Canning, Ger Hartigan,
Frank Meaney, Peter Gunn ?

Shane Malone and his musical ensmble

Signals were hard work, Ken OBrien

Tony Cronin

Tom McSharry, Pat Curtin RIP

Tony Gardiner, Dicky Doyle,
Bob Ryan RIP

Tony Gardiner, Jimmy ODonoghue,
Mick ONeill, - -,

Tom McGrath and Tony Stack, training
new recruits

Tony Liddy on the Early Bird

Willie OShaughnessy, Ger OLeary