Leb Views

Under Canvas, 1978

As of 2006

View of Naqura, not sure of the year

White Washing

Black Hole

COs Inspection of the AO

M113 on Patrol


SLA Mine sweep

SLA Mine sweep 92

Mine sweep from Black hole to Saf al Hawa 92

Checking the damage

Anything to get off of Duty, the Tibnin Run

This and the next Photo are views from the Black Hole

View from black Hole

Water Convoy to At Tiri

Ital Air Tour of the Leb

APC Escort Duty

At Tiri CP, Christian Truck Overturned

The Village of Ayta Zutt

Lebanese Bakery

Straw Balls, best deals in south Leb

Many of us were grateful for these but others managed to either have fun or cause mayhem. This depended on the individual, so without going into details. One person managed to blacken a room in At Tiri, by turning the flow up before getting into bed. Needless to say the room was covered in soot, a short time later. This ended when the same person picked up the heater and carried it out to the yard still on fire.

90 position in 880, looking at Bravo compound

Another view of the Black Hole

Camel Trip

Camp Shamrock, 79 Bn

Changeover on the Hill,

Charlie Compound with Mount Sinai in the background

Bravo Compound Hill 880

Christian Tank heading to the Hill

Explosion on Yatar Ridge

Fiji Batt CP

Frankie Quinlivan, on the Donkey

Geraldine Brannigan in Concert

Annual Goat Drive

GPMG position

No shortage of gravel here

Guard Room Haddathah

Haddathah 1980s

Haddathah CP 612

Haddathah CP looking towards Rashaf

Haddathah from Hill 880

Harris House


Heavy traffic through the CP

Medi Vac, saved a few of our men


IDF Patrol

Israelii patrol on sweep

IDF Half track

MBT on the move


Katyusha, ready to fire

Katyusha Rockets, recovered from Hill880

Katyusha ready to be fired, aimed at Bravo Compound

Front of Katyusha

Debris from fired Katyusha

Remains of Box after being fired

Minaret Brashit village

Memorial to Barrett and Smallhorne

After a truck knocked it over it was moved to this location, Paddy OGrady


Set up

South Leb


Working Life in Lebanon

Locals on Parade

Mac 35

Main Gate Harris

UN Medivac

Weapons on dsiplay

Mount Sinai

Pipe Band entertaining the Crowds in Total

The good old Mozzy Net

Happy Children among the Ruins

Map Grid References South Leb

New Bunker being built

On Patrol

Pipe Band, Paul OBrien RIp 2nd left

Pipe Band on Parade, Camp Shamrock

Pit Stop

Ploughing in the Leb

Post 637

At Tiri, we will have a bigger CP next time you come through

Rally driving in South Leb

South Lebanon

Rama Walsh and Paddy Considine ready for action

The Cuckoo's nest from Rashaf


CP Duty

Scotsman Bar Nahariya

South Leb in Mid Winter

623A, Tibnin Bridge

Tibnin in the bcakground

Tibnin Walk, 2 Norwegians celebrate completing it

Tyre and the Med from Hill 880

UN Post

View from 624

View of Rashaf from Hill 880

Tibnin Castle