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The Bren Gun Affair

Sometime after the war the Army ordered a couple of hundred bren-guns.
As usual it was some young one in Finance who did the ordering.
Two or three trucks were sent to collect them at Dublin Docks.
As they were about to leave the captain of the ship came over and asked when are they going to collect the rest.
The officer in charge said 'No all is correct and counted for'.
'No not about that. I am talking about the bren-gun carriers.'
Seems the young one ordered a bren-gun carrier for every bren-gun!

No Comment on where this came from, but I was asked to mention

that it was for Gerry Barry.

This one is for all the Medics, we have worked with down the years.

Not exactly Military, but for all those of us who have to endure

Pennys at this time of year.