98 Bn EUFOR, 2008/09

Photos supplied by Frankie Quinlivan

Back left James Howley, Ossey Jones , Ger Quinlivan, Eileen Mangan Lorraine ?
Front Capt ODonovan, Sean ODonnell, Comdt Kinahan, Dave Mc Inerney.
98bn eufor 2009 N’djamena Chad

Transport Pln, Camp Ciara, 98Bn, EUFOR 2008/09

Travelling in Style

Transport Pln

Christmas Festivities

Frankie, Swan Batt

Posing again

60 Hour to Ireland

He broke the plane

Overload or what

Hang on,


Andy Byrne, Frankie Quinlivan,Gadget

Andy Byrne, Frankie Quinlivan, Ned Kelly

Frankie Quinlivan, Andy Byrne

Goz Beida, Chad

Frankie, Broken Down

Children in Goz Beida

Coming back from Abeche, break time

Dave McInerney, - -, Hussein, Frankie Quinlivan

Doing a flight check, Frankie checks out the fighterjet

fill her up —Frankie with Cossey and Gadget.

First across wadi south, they said it could not be done

Frankie Quinlivan, Glen Phelan, Lorraine O Donovan and Eileen Mangan.

Lorraine ODonovan, Frankie Quinlivan

Lucky Monkey

Frankie Quinlivan, Mick Rid, Raffles

Failed the NCT, check the windscreen

Ossie Jones and Sean ODonnell, Frankie Quinlivan.

Frankie with his Christmas Parcel

Puncture on the Mowag

Towing away a plane that crash landed on the runway

Frankie with Cossy

Grahan Nuttall, Frankie Quinlivan, Glen Phelan

Mick Rid, Frankie, Cossey and Corrina.



Mick Corbett and Frankie Quinlivan at the ranges

Cyril Shanahan, Frankie Quinlivan, with Kieran OSullivan, Breda Graig, Debbie Egan, JJ Delaney, 2002

Frankie Quinlivan, Brian Lynch

Seanie Cosgrave and Mick Corbett, getting the bingo prizes.

Barracuda Club, Red Sea, Frankie has dinner.

Bath and Beer Time

Family Photo time

Mick Deegan, Terry Casey, Kieran Sweeney, 101st Inf Bn Chad


East Timor

Styer, over equipped

Some of the 5 Star accommodation

Brian Lynch entertains the local kids

Cooking facilities

Jerome Deloughrey inspecting the Facilities

John Holden, collects the water

John Tolton, on patrol

John Tolton and Friends

Kevin Hanley

Kevin Hanley, Brian Lynch, Sean OCallaghan

Paul Halley, resting in the woods

Rabbit Hutch for the troops

If you were asked to put this up in Kilworth there would be ructions
Kevin Hanley on the water run


Frankie Quinlivan, Butcher OGrady

Jason Boyce

KFOR 31st Group, October 2005, April 2006

Bob Nugent, Paul Hogan, Seanie Cosgrave, Paddy Flynn, 31 Gp Race Night. Gerry Barry

31 Gp KFOR Medivac practice US Army Blackhawk. Gerry Barry

31 Inf Gp, Saint Patricks Day  March Past, 2006. Gerry Barry

Andy Sullivan, Bob Nugent, John Mullane, Tommy Carroll, Tommy Boyce, Frosty McCormack, Stan Hurley, Gerry Barry. Gerry Barry

B Coy, 31Gp, leaving Camp Clark, on Patrol, in Mowag APC.  Gerry Barry

Bob Nugent O/C 31 Inf Gp, KFOR, with a very young Brigade Commander.  Gerry Barry

Brothers in Arms, Olan McCarthy and Friend.
Gerry Barry

Butcher OGrady, Frankie Quinlivan, enjoy a coffee in Pristina, Gerry Barry

Camp Clark in the snow. Gerry Barry

Christmas in Camp Clark, note the Bus Stop. Gerry Barry

Frosty and Butcher sample the offerings at a local Monastery. Gerry Barry

Frosty, Tommy Carroll and Gerry Barry , in the Canteen. Gerry Barry

Gerry Barry, Frosty McCormack and Butcher OGrady on a visit to OP Mara. Gerry Barry

Gerry Barry, John Murray, OP Mara. Gerry Barry

Gerry Barry and Olan McCarthy, a brave man in a kilt. Gerry Barry

Gerry Barry, Stephen Cummins, Pristina. Gerry Barry

Inside Camp Clark. Gerry Barry

John ONeill, Seanie Cosgrave, Irish Contingent Day. Gerry Barry

John Tolton helping the locals. Gerry Barry

KEK, electricity Plant, operated by ESB. Gerry Barry

Kevin McGee receiving his KFOR medal. Gerry Barry

Kevin McGee, B Coy, Int Officer. Gerry Barry

Kosovo Merc, Note the Hub Caps. Gerry Barry

Louise Nolan, - OBrien, Helen ODwyer, Jemma Cotter, on OP Mara, all girl OP. Gerry Barry

Merry Christmas. Gerry Ba

Limerick Rioters left loose in Pristina. Gerry Barry

Mowag recovery  on OP Mara, Milla was driving the APC. Gerry Barry.

Noel Mulcahy, 31 Gp race Night. Gerry Barry

Noel Mulcahy and his Czech Friends. Gerry

Olan McCarthy. Gerry Barry

On the Tarmac at Pristina. Gerry Barry

OP Mara, all girl OP. Helen ODwyer, - OBrien, Jemma Cotter OP Commander, Louise Nolan. Gerry Barry

OP Mara, on the Hill, the only OP in the Brigade area. Gerry Barry

Pristina Brief, Mick Hickey and present GOC Paddy Flynn. Gerry Barry

Sant pays a visit to Camp Clark, 31Gp. Gerry Barry

Showing the other Contingents, what a rioter from Limerick looks like. Gerry Barry

Simon Pilkington, driving. taking the piss out of the riot troops. Gerry Barry

Stephen Boyce accepts the traditional Christmas drink from Bob Nugent. Gerry Barry

Straggler Medal Parade, - McGrath, John Tolton, Mick Kelly, Gerry Barry, Fr McDermott. Gerry Barry

Swedish recovery vehicle, rescuing the Mowag
on OP Mara. Gerry Barry

Tommy Boyce, Butcher OGrady, Frosty McCormack, Gerry Barry. Gerry Barry

US Apache Helicopters, part of the scheme of defence at Camp Bondsteel, main US Army Base. Gerry Barry

US Army Apache Heli at Camp Bondsteel. Gerry Barry

Wher's the road gone. Gerry Barry

US and Irish Snipers, train together, Henry Byrne, standing second from left. Gerry Barry

Church in Stimjle, defaced by Muslim fighters during the war. Gerry Barry

Mural defaced in Stimjle Church. Gerry Barry

Inside the Church. Gerry Barry

Defaced Mural. Gerry Barry

Another view inside the church. Gerry Barry

Memorial graveyard in Rachuk Village. Villagers were massacred by Serbs. Gerry Barry

These 3 Photos are of the Graveyard. Gerry Barry

Grave Markers, Gerry Barry

Graveyard in the Snow. Gerry Barry

Martie Whelan from RTE, visits 31 Gp and Rachak Graveyard. Gerry Barry

31st Gp Irish Contingent Day, Falling Plates familiarisation. Gerry Barry

Falling Plates before the shoot. Gerry Barry

jeez, those plates look small. Gerry Barry

With no room for a run up. John Tolton decided that 20 press ups would be okay. Look at him sneering. Gerry Barry

John Tolton instructing, how to knock a plate. Not easy is it.Gerry Barry