John Crotty, Billy McNamara, Noel Meade RIP, Willie Treacy

What do I do Ref

Mick Timmons waiting to go on with Stan Hurley and Martin OConnor looking on

Mark Somers, John Thompson, Frank Meade, Rory Flynn, Mick Tobin

Micky Cronin head Cheer Leader

Is it a goal

Stan Hurley addresses the crowds

At the presentation

Frank Meade and Mary Carroll present the Trophy

Micky Mac waiting to collect the Cup

Presentation Plaque

John Crotty, Josh Carroll, Billy McNamara, Willie Treacy, Frank Meade

Celebrating after the game.

Liam OCallaghan, John Moloney, Josh Carroll, John Thompson, Charlie Hennigar

Ger OBrien, Mick Timmons, Jason Hannon, Butcher OGrady

Mick Timmons, Josh Carroll, Jason Hannon

Liam Mulcahy

Jimy Constable, Rory Flynn, Josh Carroll, Johnny McCormack, Kevin Hanley

Now lads ignore Jerome listen to me only

Billy Curtin, Eddie OByrne, Frankie Quinlivan, Mary Carroll