We will post photographs from Leb Trips on this page, most will be in sub pages.

This page covers the 43 Bn to 47 Bn

43 Bn: May 1978 to Oct 1978

No 2 PLn B Coy 43 Bn
Front Row, Paddy Croke, Paddy Cleary, - -, Cyril Thompson, - -, - -, Tony Jackson, Pat Buckley, - -, John Cawley.
Middle Row, Jim Lyons?, Mick Finnan?, - -, - -, - -, - -, - -, - -, Pat Hayes Pln Sgt (partially hidden).
Back Row, Mick ONeill, - -, Thomas McGrath, Pakie Noonan RIP, Mick Finucane RIP, Ned ONeill, Davey Browne, - -.

Sean McGarry RIP, - -, Pakie Noonan RIP,
Cyr Thompson, - -, Mervyn Ambrose

Davey Dee, Pakie Noonan RIP, Tony Jackson,
C Thompson,

John Sweeney, Brian OConnor

John Sweeney, Tommy Hickey

Medal Parade B Coy 43 Bn

On Patrol

Cyr Thompson and Pakie Noonan RIP

Pln Photo

D Haigney, J Sweeney, B Power, T Hickey,
- -, - -, - -, B OConnor

B OConnor and J Sweeney, under canvas

Johnny Butler RIP, Piper on right

44 Bn: Nov 1978 to Apr 1979

B Coy

Billy McGrath, Johnny Butler RIP,

Brian OConnor and J Sweeney preparing
a board of weapons, destroyed in a tent fire
A young Brian Reade

Cpl Charlie Seward RIP, Cpl John Mullaly

Medal Day 44 Bn,

Pakie Kelly, Swanbatt

Pakie Kelly, Ger Hayes, Mick OCallaghan, Tony Wallace, Pa OBrien

Pakie Kelly, Ray Frawley RIP, Christy

Tommy Coughlan, Tommy Boyce

Tommy Hickey RIP, Pakie Kelly

Tommy Hickey RIP, Christy ODwyer RIP,
sand and beer

Tommy Hickey RIP

Tommy Hickey RIP in whites

Tom OBrien, Sean Hickey, Pa OBrien, Shaqra

Washing Day in South Lebanon

John Sweeney, Naquara.

Tommy Boyce, yes Sir,

Pa OBrien 60 Hour,

Pa OBrien on Duty

Happy ODwyer RIP, Chink Hickey RIP

Billy Kiely, known as Billy Two Beans

Brian Reade, John ONeill, Christy Happy ODwyer RIP, Ray Para Frawley RIP.

Greg OHalloran, Ber Kennefick

Eddie Coady, Alan Aston

Gerry Boland Clonmel, Greg OHalloran, Sean Hickey, Tom OBrien

Johnny Barry, Billy Kiely

John ONeill, Christy Scott RIP 4th Bn, Mick Fogarty, Sean Hickey, Greg OHalloran,
the rest are cork lads.

John ONeill

Coy Medic and Pat OBrien

Pat OBrien, Sean Hickey and Tom OBrien,
Tea tasting.

Pat OBrien, Tom OBrien

Pat OBrien, music for all occasions

Christmas away from home, Pat OBrien, Sean Hickey

Pat OBrien, mingy man

Sean OMeara RIP, Greg OHalloran,
Johnny Barry RIP, Tom OBrien, Sean
Hickey, Gerry Kelly RIP, Ray Frawley RIP,
Mick Fogarty, the other 5 are from Cork

Sean Hickey and Tom OBrien

Sean Hickey, Tony Wallace

Skippy Kelly RIP

Sean OMeara RIP.

The Para

Tom OBrien, Sean Hickey

Tom OBrien

Tony Wallace, Greg OHalloran, Brian Reade, Sean Hickey, Tom OBrien, John ONeill

Tony Wallace

Tony Wallace, Sean Hickey, Greg OHalloran

Tom OBrien, Pat OBrien, mingy shopping in Bir el sanisil

Mick Finucane RIP, Gerry Mitchell

Mick Finucane RIP, Sean Hickey, Gerry Mitchell, Tommy Dorney RIP

Pat OBrien, Mick Bullman, Gerry Mitchell, Sean Hickey

Gerry Frawley

Sean OConnor RIP, John Power RIP

Sean Hogan

Gerry Mitchell, Sean Hogan

Sean OConnor RIP, Sean Hickey, Mick Finucane RIP

Mick Finucane RIP

John Power RIP

Johnny Barry RIP, Pakie Kelly, Christy Happy ODwyer RIP
Sean Hickey, Pat OBrien, Pakie Kelly, Ray Frawley RIP, - -.

Mick OCallaghan

Pat OBrien, Charlie Seward.

Ayta Zutt CP

Charlie Seward, Mick OCallaghan, Timmy Barry

Eddie Coady, Paddy Stallard, Pat OBrien, Tom OBrien, Brian Reade, Sean Hickey.

Gerry Mitchell, Sean Hickey

Gunga Hayes, John -, Frankie Connolly, Christy ODwyer RIP, Mick Boland, Ned Spillane RIP, Paddy Stallard

Paddy Stallard, Brian Reade, Ned Spillane RIP.

Paddy Hogan, Charlie Seward

Skippy Kelly RIP, 2nd left,

Sean Hickey, Pat OBrien, Eddie Coady, Tom OBrien

Sean Hickey, Pat OBrien, Greg OHalloran, Gerry Kelly RIP

Sean OMeara RIP,

Timmy Barry RIP, Paddy Hogan,

Timmy Barry RIP

The following Photos are from A Coy, 44th Bn.

I received them from Eugene McDonagh, 4 Cav Squadron.

Back Lee Tolan, Eugene McDonagh, - -, Ray Brough,
Middle Charlie Mahon, Front Martin Connors, - -, - - ,
Chris Riley, - -, - -, Brian Quinn.

Rotation of 44th Bn to AO

Any Chance of some fuel.

I think this Barber was in At Tiri, if I am correct, Blackie Lysaght got him to use thread on his cheeks and was it sore

The roads were fair bad for the first few Bns

Caltex, where repairs to most APCs took place

Canteen time, seems to have been fair rough, they needed gpmgs to clear the canteen

Eugene McDonagh, on the Canteen run

On the Big Ghana Ball, Charlie Martin, Martin Connors, Gabriel, Lucky Ray Brough, - -,

Rest time and the first view of the Damascus Stove,

Eugene McDonagh

Jimmy Hudson, E McDonagh, John Ryan, Chris Riely

E McDonagh, J Ryan

E McDonagh, wadi watching

Best Dressed, E McDonagh

J Ryan, C Riely, Barbers Course

J Ryan, C Riely, possibly on the way out.

Lee Tolan, Ray Brough, John Ryan, Jimmy Hudson, Martin Connors

Lucky, John Ryan, Charlie Mahon, Gabriel, was this at the water hole.

Martin Connors, Charlie Mahon, John Ryan

Recce Section on Reece

I don;t think this is the way

Where's the road gone.

Chai time in Caltex

45 Bn: May 1979 to Oct 1979

Ger Hartigan, Gerry Barry, - -, Joe Curtin. - -, Pa Hogan, Mucka McDonnell

B Cleary, Joe Curtin

Jimmy Barry RIP, Ger Clohessy, Bernard McCarthy RIP, Christy Tobin, Junior Ryan RIP

Gerry Barry, Pat Rainsford, PJ Hogan

Ger Hartigan, Christy Tobin, Willie Massey,
Mucka McDonnell

Gerry Barry laying sandbags

George Ryan, Paddy Franklin, Pa Hogan

Jimmy Barry RIP, Pa Hogan, Ger Hartigan,
Gerry Barry

Joe Curtin, J McNamara,  Paddy Franklin, Gerry Barry

Joe Curtin, Paddy Franklin, Gerry Barry, Jimmy
Barry RIP, Pa Hogan

Joe Curtin, - -, Paddy Franklin

Limerick Pers, training Kilworth. Front Jimmy Barry RIP, Pa Hogan, Wille Massey, Pat Rainsford, Joe Curtin, Bernard McCarthy RIP, PJ Hogan. Middle Ger Hartigan, Mike Murphy, Christy Tobin, - -, Mick Woodland, Mucka McDonnell, John Kelly, - -. Back  Ger OLeary, Ger Clohessy

Mucka McDonnell, Mick Woodland

Tidy up your bedspace Soldier

Paddy Franklin and Ger Barry, modeling the new weather gear.

Pat Hinchy, Mucka McDonnell, Joe Curtin, Gerry
Barry, Mick Woodland

Pa Hogan, Gerry Barry in Kilworth

Pat Hinchy, Ger Hartigan

Direct Hit Shaqra

Sean Hogan, on duty


46 Bn: Nov 1979 to Apr 1980

Dessie Hyde camel gazing

Kevin Hogan, Thomas Meade, Mick OConnor, Mick Ryan

Liam Daly RIP

Mick Ryan, Tony Ledger, Mick ODonnell RIP, Thomas Meade, Kevin Hogan, Toddy Fitzgerald RIP

Tony Ledger, Kevin Hogan, Christy Pickford, Mick Ryan, Peter Organ, Danny Carroll, - -,

Thomas Meade

Mick Ryan, Birdie ODonnell RIP, Kevin Hogan, Thomas Meade

Barrelor Quigley Knox Brennan Aidan McHugh B Coy 46th Brachit 79

47 Bn: May 1980 to Oct 1980

Frosty McCormack sandbagging again

- -, Terry Harris RIP, on duty at Tibnin Bridge

Gary Kerwin RIP, Frosty McCormack
Colm Ryan, Pat Frosty McCormack, Tony Handlebars McNamara RIP, Dave Rowan

Pat McCormack, Colm Ryan

A fresh faced Frosty, Colin Haugh and Denis OLoughlin enjoying a bus trip.

Pat McCormack, Pat Deedigan, Willie Keane, Colin Haugh, - Mason, Denis OLoughlin

Newspaper reports prior to leaving sarsfield Barracks

Ag Griffin, stationed in Kilkenny, origionally from Ballynanty

Colin Haugh getting his UN Medal from Freddie Swords, Think the NCO was John Byrne from Kilkenny

Volley Ball training in Sultiniya

B Coy v Dutch Batt, Back P Brady, - -, - -, Willie Scott, - -, - -. Front K OBrien, Colum Ryan, - -, Pat McCormack, - -

Dutch Batt v B Coy

Back K OBrien, Christy Coote, John Power, Cork. H McGinley, Dermot OShaughnessy, in Kilworth

Colin Haugh, ready for patrol duty

Charlie Hennigar, Bob McCarthy, Gary Kirwin.

Charlie calling Christina

Christy Coote waiting for Freddy Swords

Bn COs inspection of B Coy Area

Doc Power, Kilkenny

Dermot OShaughnessy, medic, digging a new latrine

Freddy Swords in action with the Coy Team

Joe ONeill, holding court in the Mingy shop outside Camp Shamrock

Joe ONeill and Timmy Barry RIP

Top of the range, Landrover 1980

Bn COs inspection, leaving Rashaf

Back, Phoncie Franklin, Sammy Hawkins, Denis OLoughlin, Christy Coote, Willie Hogan, Tom Hannon, Ken OBrien, Blackie Lysaght, Tony McNamara, Pakie Kelly, Willie Keane, Pat McCormack, - -, Ray Frawley RIP. Front Gary Kirwin, - -, Charlie Hennigar, Colin Haugh, Dave Byrne, Bob McCarthy, Tony Hickey, Terry Harris RIP, Pat Deedigan, - -, Eddie Galvin, Colm Ryan

Ned Sweetman, Con Roche, Paddy Brady

Ned Sweetman, Charlie Heenigar

Ned Sweetman, Paddy Brady, - -

Brashit House, Officers enjoying the setting sun

P Brady, - -, N Sweetman

Ned Sweetman, Paddy Brady, Rodney Denehey

- -, Paddy Brady

Pat Deedigan, Colin Haugh

Paul McGahern, Timmy Barry RIP

PJ -, - -,

Billy Punk Kelly on duty

Limerick leader Story on the lads with the 47th

Ritchie Barry having a chia in Kalils

Rodney Denehy and Frank Reidy

Rush hour in Sultiniya

APC crew getting a shower

Con Roche presents a gift to - - CQ.

Freddy Swords presenting UNIFIL medals

Mist in South Leb

Paddy Hogan

Maj Gen Erskine inspecting an Honour Guard in Haddathah

Terry Harris RIP

Steve OToole

On duty in Sultiniyah

Rodney Denehy, Billy Kelly, Ken OBrien

- -, - -, Terry Harris RIP, - -, John Shortiss

The Terrible 2, Joe ONeill, Terry Harris RIP. They are up to no good when they smile like

Tibnin Bridge from Tibnin

Tibnin from Sultiniyah

Tom Dower, Terry Harris RIP, Joe ONeill, Ken OBrien

Tony Momma Hickey

Visit of COS to Irish Batt

More Volley Ball training

Watches Lighters, the bane of everyone that was resting on a Sunday

Willie Hogan, Pat Deedigan, Colin Haugh,  Sultiniyah