55 Bn: May 1984 to Oct 1984

Lt Noel Shannon and To Begley, on patrol in Brasitt. Ptoto from Trevor Blanche

56 Bn: Nov 1984 to Apr 1985


57 Bn: May 1985 to Nov 1985

Wpns Pln and APC section B Coy 57th Bn
Front row, Gerry Barry, Tony Moore 4Bn, Frank Fahy RIP, Kevin ODonovan 4Bn, Sean Webb 4Bn, Jim Cahill, Willie Keane, Mick Kennedy RIP, Willy Moynihan 4 Bn, Paddy Stallard, Tommy Carroll.
Middle Row, Stan Hurley, Jimmy OGorman, Liam Kenny, Bobby Redmond, Tommy Coughlan, Tony Joy, Jimmy Scanlon 4Bn, Gerry Boland, Gerry Fogarty, Hoppy keogh, Mick Ryan, Tommy Byrne.
Back row Tommy Grace, Ricky ODwyer , Gary OConnor, Peader Fahy, Gerry Power, Mick Tobin, Gunga Hayes, Johnny Carroll, Frankie Dwan, Rory Flynn, Cass Hennessy 4Bn, Christy Holmes.
All from 12th Bn Limerick and Clonmel, with the exception of those listed as 4 Bn.
My Thanks to Gerry Barry who with assistance from Tommy Carroll, Gerry Power and John Thompson. compiled the list of names.

- -, - -, Liam Kenny

- -, Liam Kenny

- -, Ricky ODwyer

- -, Rory Flynn, Liam Kenny posers

Stan Hurley, Gary OConnor, Gerry Barry

Almaza Hunting

Mike Ryan, Liam Kenny, Ricky ODwyer

Buddy Hall, Joe Young, Mick OBrien,
Christy McCarthy piper

Mick OBrien, Rory Flynn, Paul OBrien RIP,
Tommy Coughlin, Jim McNamara,
Paddy Kelly RIP. Willie Keane, Gerry Ryan,
Gary OConnor, Dicky Doyle, Mikes Kiely RIP

Mick Tobin, Peader Fahy

Clonmel Pers with 57th.
Back Row, Tom Grace, Liam Kenny, Jim
Fanning, Tommy Carroll, Frank Fahey RIP.
Front, Ricky ODwyer, Jim Cahill, John Knox ODonnell RIP, Mick Kennedy.
Any help with the names.

Frank Fahy RIP, Liam Kenny, Tucker Power RIP, Tommy Carroll, Tom Grace

Coy Concert

Did he gap me, Liam Kenny

A startled Mick Kennedy and Frank Fahy RIP

Gerry Barry and Gunga Hayes

Gerry Barry, Gary OConnor, traffic control

Gerry Barry, - -, Tommy Carroll, Liam Kenny,
Jim OGorman

Gerry Barry, Willie Keane, Frank Fahy RIP

Gary OConnor, Stan Hurley, Mick Tobin

Gary OConnor, Stan Hurley, Liam Kenny,
Mick Ryan, Ricky ODwyer

Gerry Barry, not sure how to pour this

Christy Coote, Gunga Hayes

Gunga, dj duty in camp

Bn COs handover in At tiri

He is just down there to your right

Visit of Irish Consul to AO

Kitchen Duty

Liam Kenny on OP Duty

Liam Kenny

Liam Kenny, - -,

Liam Kenny on GOH Duty again

Liam Kenny, 90 training

Liam Kenny, Gary OConnor

Liam Kenny, Gerry Barry, - -, Ger Fogarty.
on patrol

Liam Kenny, Gunga Hayes, Gary OConnor

Liam Kenny, - -, Mick Ryan, Mick Tobin, Stan Hurley, posing on patrol

Liam Kenny, on the 90

Liam Kenny, Rory Flynn

Liam Kenny waiting for grub

Liam Kenny on patrol

Liam Kenny, - -, Mick Ryan, Ger Fogarty,
Stan Hurley

Liam Kenny, Ricky ODwyer, Christy Holmes

Mick Ryan and a startled Gunga Hayes

Mick Ryan, Liam Kenny, Mick Tobin

Mass for Medal Parade

Liam Kenny on medal parade

Rory Flynn, Liam Kenny, Gerry Barry

Random CP Duty

Ricky ODwyer, Liam Kenny

FC Inspection at Medal Parade.
Bull Callaghan RIP.

COs Inspection At Tiri, Tommy Coughlan

Ricky ODwyer, Rama Walsh, Liam Kenny,
Tom Grace, - -,

What did I do wrong, Mick Tobin, - -, Mick Ryan,
S Hurley, - -, Liam Kenny

An ever alert Tommy Strappe

Tommy  Carroll, Ricky ODwyer, Jim OGorman,
Rory Flynn

58 Bn: Nov 1985 to Apr 1986

B Coy, Ministerial Revue 1985

These Photos were got from Rama Walsh

Frankie Quinlivan and John Lysaght, in training

From left, John Drohan, - -, John Lysaght, Tony Canning, Frankie Quinlivan, Officer is Lt Farrelly, any help with names

John Sweeney having his soup and eating it

Liam Seymour RIP and Tony Canning,
decorating the Canteen

Gerry Guinane swanning again

Paul Ledger, Stevie Sheppard, Alex ONeill, Nuts Daniels

Christy Power, Billy ODwyer, Connie Morrissey, 
Frankie Quinlivan, Tony Canning

No 3 Pln B Coy in Kilworth

3rd Bn pers with B Coy, P Stafford, - OConnor,
Tim Windrim. Jimmy Campbell,
was the Pln Sgt I think

Alex ONeill, - -, Ger Guinane

Frankie, canteen or not

Alex ONeill, Tony Canning, Alan -,

Alex ONeill, Tony Canning, mingy run

Looking for his Ass

Tony are you sure those odds are rig

B Coy march past at Medal Parade,

B Coy Tug of war team in action.

Billy and Frankie, beer time

Bn COs inspection of B Coy, Ber Kelly Cpl in front

Bn CO receives a briefing from Capt ODonovan

John Wade shows the Bn CO around his home

Bn CO at Hahdathah CP, Tim Windrim on right

CO inspecting the Guard

Bn CO visiting B Coy

Bn CO presenting UN medals to B Coy

= McDermott ?, receiving his UN Medal

Paul Stapleton receiving his medal

The Bull addresses B Coy Pers, I think this was his last visit before going to New York

Presenting Numbers in Rashaf

More numbers issued

COs Parade

Medal presentation

= OConnor receiving his me

Bn CO presenting numbers

Cass, Danny Campion, Mick OShea

Jim Byrnes RIP

Bn COs visit to B Coy

Bn CO inspecting the Guard in Rashaf

Coy CO Rusty Keane and his Officers welcome the Bull Callaghan to the Coy Area

The Bull inspecting the Coy Honour Guard

Danny Nugent on Duty

Canteen Time, Ken OBrien, Leo Fitzgerald, Frankie Quinlivan, Chalkie White, Brendan ORegan

Included Tony Canning, Paul Mulryan, Ken OBrien

Donkey Derby

B Coy pers, Christmas Concert in Camp Shamrock

No 3 Pln, Christmas Show, Donal Looney in Bed, Foxy Morrissey, Ken OBrien, Bobby Walsh

No 3 Pln, Christmas Shw, Alex ONeill, Tommy -. Ken OBrien, Brendan ORegan, Ricky ODywer

- -, Frankie Connolly, - Smyth, Slim Ryan, - -, - -,

Bn COs inspection,

No 3 Pln in good voice? at the Coy Concert

Paddy OGrady,  Danny Nuget RIP, Mick OShea, - -,

Danny Nugent RIP

Medal Parade

Tommy Dorney RIP, receiving his Medal Number

Frankie and Chalkie having a few cans

Frankie goes to Holywood, B Coy Show

Jim Dreelan, Tony Canning

Canteen singsong, Seanie Cosgrave, Jim Drohan, Eddie Waters

Some more happy faces in the canteen

Ken OBrien, Sean Fitzpatrick, egg inspection, Cuckoos Nest

Medal Parade B Coy

Trevor Ahern, Ken OBrien

My Ass won, Tom Quirke, Tony Canning

Eugene Whynne and Connie Morrissey getting to know the locals

We found your Donkey

Frankie and Billy

Ken OBrien, 18 Mason

Roy ODonovan, Jim Dreelan, Rusty Keane

Bn COs Guard Inspection

Irish Consul visit to 58th Bn

John Lysaght, Connie Morrissey, Leo Fitzgerald, Steve Sheppard, Ger Guinane

Jim Dreelan, Ken OBrien

Steve Sheppard, Frankie Quinlivan

Ken OBrien

Leo Firzgerald, Steve Sheppard, Connie Morrissey

Brendan ORegan Tony Canning, Liam Symour RIP

Medal Parade.

Tommy Dorney RIP, - -

Paul Ledger, Ger Guinane, Tim Windrim, Tom Wallace

Paul Ledger, Alex ONeill, Connie Morrissey

4Pln Coy Show, Radio Gaga

Steve Sheppard and Paul Ledger sunning in Tel Aviv

Paddy Hogan, Brian Barrett, Denis OSullivan RIP

Tony Canning and Billy -, Coy Show

Tommy Dorney RIP, going on patrol

Tony Canning getting his Medal from the Bull Callaghan

Our friend the Genny, and its shed

Brian Barrett, Gerry Ralph, Medal Parade

Ken OBrien, - -, Frankie Thompson,

B Coy Tug of War team, Bn winners

Wpns Pln B Coy 58Bn

- -, Mikey Fitz, Ger Quinlivan, --, Christy Power, Frankie Thompson

Coy Table Football Competition, Hill 880. Martin Byrnes RIP, is refereeing the game.

B Coy, Gym Display Team, Sgt Jim Campbell, middle 3rd row.

Display at Medal Parade, Camp Shamrock

Gym Display at Medal Parade

Left Paul Stapleton, 3rd left Jim Campbell

Ollie Dennehy RIP, Trevor Blanche.
Photo Trevor Blanche

59 Bn: May 1986 to Nov 1986

Arrival of First Chalk in Ben Gurion

Members of B Coy, Liam Slattery,
Martin Drohan, Frank Meaney, Jim Clancy

Liam Slattery and Steve Keogh enjoying the
odd can

Dicky Doyle nad Liam Slattery, mingy shopping
in Haddathah, Hasini

Eamon Roche, Billy Curtin, Dicky Doyle,
Frank Meaney, Tony Stack, Liam Slattery,
Mike OCallaghan

Liam Slattery, - -,

Liam Slattery, am I on duty

On Duty, Liam Slattery

Liam Slattery

Liam Slattery, Billy Curtin

Pa Hogan, Kieran Jordan

Sandbagging before the Floods

Weapons at the ready

Greg OHalloran Zorro, Mike OConnor

Pat Costigan, Billy Curtin, Dicky Doyle,
Mick Dundon, Pa Hogan, Mick Boland in rear

Billy Curtin, Martin Drohan, TJ Rusk,
in Jerusalem

Phil Kavanagh, Count Roche, Billy Curtin,
Gussie Cleary

Martin Drohan, Mick Dundon, Louis Holland,
Billy Curtin, TJ Rusk

60 Bn: Nov 1986 to Apr 1987

Frank Greaney and Friends

George Griffin, Johnny Scott, John Thompson

John Thompson

Paul Halley standing on left and Declan
OBrien RIP standing on right