Cyprus and Congo

Back L to R, Owen McCarthy, Steve Corbett, - -, Gully Kelly, Jock McMarlowe RIP, Eddie Hayes RIP, Tony Hayes RIP, Andy Tier RIP, Mick Faul
Front L to R, Dermot OShuaghnessy, Paddy Doyle, - -, Tommy Hartigan, Micky Woods, Foncie Franklin, - -.
Andy Byrne, Joe ONeill, John McCarthy, Willie Frawley, Jimmy Nash RIP, - -, - -, - Gardiner, Jackie Ward RIP

Danny Leahy Cyprus 1972

Willie Frawley, John Power RIP and Cyril McSweeney RIP, included

Tony Ryan RIP, Jackie Clancy, Paddy OGrady RIP

- -, - -, Jimmy Nash RIP, Jim Fanning, Dessie Hyde RIP, Cyril McSweeney

19th Group Cyprus,Front Martin Gardiner, - -, Rocky Ryan RIP, Tony Kelliher RIP, - -, 2nd Row, - -, Jackie Ward, - -, - -, - -, 3rd Row, - -, Joe ONeill, Cyril McSweeney RIP, Dermot Murphy, Dessie Hyde RIP, 4th Row, - -, - -, Gerry Hanley RIP, Willie Frawley, - -, 5th Row - -, Jim Fanning, - -, Jimmy Nash RIP, - -,

Lefka 1968, Whacker Collopy, Kevin Hynes, Dessie Hyde RIP, Jack McGuane, Noel Sheedy

10th Group Cyprus, 2nd Right Front Edward Tucker Power RIP, Back Row  4th Left Rocky Ryan RIP, 6th Left Mick OBrien

Billy McGrath 2nd Right back

- -, Paul ODoherty, Whacker Collopy, Joe , Pakie ODonoghue RIP, - -, Tony Hickey, Hughie Ryan, Tony Liddy, - -, - -,

Willie Frawley, accommadation Larnaca

Tommy Glenny, Beachcombing

Christy Earls, RIP, Cyprus 1973

70/71, Main Gate.

Jimmy Nash RIP, Willie Frawley

Joe Bowes, Tucker Power RIP, 1968

Sinai 1973, 25th Group, No 1 Pln. Front, - -, Sammy Hawkins, Fintan Molowney RIP, - -, - -, - -, Paddy Kelly RIP, 2nd Row - -, Mick Shanahan, - -, Mossie Molloy, - -, Jimmy Cremmins RIP, - -, - -, - -, 3rd Row, Pat Brinn, Willie Frawley, Tommy Naughton, Tony Ryan RIP, Tommy Coughlan, - -, - -, - -, Tommy Glenny

Mick OBrien, Dessie Hyde RIP, Cyril McSweeney RIP, Mansura Village 1968

- -, Paul Doherty, Joe -, Whacker Collopy, Pakie ODonoghue RIP, Tony Lynch, Tony Liddy, Tony Hickey, Hughie Ryan

Willie Frawley, hitching a ride

Willie Frawley planting spuds

Frank ORegan RIP, - -, Paddy Considine, Paddy OGrady, - -, - -, Jackie Clancy, Tony Ryan RIP.

Tony Cock ryan RIP, Jackie Clancy, Paddy OGrady



2nd Right Danny OSullivan, 3rd Right Johnny Sticks Malone, Base Drummer Tony Malone

At Ease

Charlie ONeill RIP on Right

Returning from Congo 1962

Cyril McSweeney RIP,  2nd Left, Tommy Dorney RIP on right

Football Team, Balckie Lysaght Back 2nd Right

Jadotville 1963, Comdt Quinlan on left with beret

Jim Deveraux on left Sam Healy 2nd Right

Ker Cleary,  Sonny Deloughrey, Tom Carmody, Chrsty ODonnell, Noel Ahern RIP, Tony Kackson, Harry Naughton, Jackie Clancy, Mattie Gardiner

Mattie Gardiner

- -, Mucks Ryan RIP, Johnny Gardiner, Tommy Houlihan RIP,Tony Hickey, - -,

Tommy Houlihan RIP, Dixie Graham RIP

Owen Lynch RIP, - -, - -, Sonny Deloughrey, - Gardiner, Martin Behan, Cecil McMahon

Paddy Cuddihy RIP, Mick ODea RIP, Harry Naughton, Paddy OLoughlin, Martin Behan, Charlie ONeill RIP, Tommy Houlihan RIP, Tex Regan

Paddy Fennessy with Baluba Bow and Arrow, Michael Jordan with Spear

Phoncie Franklin, Jimmy McMahon

Owen Lynch 2nd left back row, Sonny Deloughrey Right front

Tony Lynch,

Sgt Paddy Fraher Fermoy, John OMalley RIP on right

Joe Gardiner, Tony Hickey, Michael Hickey

Mathew Fitzgerald, Pat Roche RIP

CS Pat Neil and his son Patrick Neil

CS Pat Neil

CS Pat Neil

Pat Roche RIP

Pat Roche RIP

Mathew Fitzgerald, Mike Hickey ?, Pat Roche RIP

Peter Greene RIP n left

Mick Hickey >, - -, Mathew Fitzgerald, Pat Roche RIP

Timmors McCarthy showing off his Baluba Bow and Arrow, watched by Christy Joker OBrien RIP and Noel Walsh

Mick Behan second left back, hold it lads, smile

Andy Tier RIP, middle facing

Generations of the Bullman Family

During the Boar War