The following photos are from the Pat Molloy Collection. Who kindly granted me permission to publish them here. I have also taken some photos from others who have posted following Pat's post, thank you for the photos.

91st BN

That is going to need a wash

What do you intend planting after

Arriving in Liberia

Patrol in George Weah Stadium

How come the MPs always get their
own cushy location

Brian Cosgrave, with his own
personal waitress

Timmy OSullivan

Pat Molloy, Jason Wallace, Frankie Farrell RIP, Declan Cosgrave, Paul Brady

MI24 on Patrol

Paul Brady, old stuck in the mud

Pat Molloy and Timmy ODonovan,
long range patrol.

Weapons Surrender

How do we fix this

Clark Mast deployed with HF and
AF Antennae

Nigerian APCs

Long Range Patrol, Timmy ODonovan,
Pat Molloy, Jason Wallace,
Christine Brady

Mingy Shopping

CIS Tent, John Hutchinson,
Derek Herbage, Anto Kingsway,
Andy Faulkner, Ciaran o'Reilly ,
Chris O'Connor, Derek Knowd

Taxi for one

GOC East visiting, giving an interview
to local press and radio

Taxi for many

Checking bridge before armour crosses

94th Bn, Freetown Sierra Leone, Apr 2004

Pat Molloy, Louise Mahon,
Tommy Keenan, Ray Mooney

That's some game of Jenga

Freetown Police Force

Is it a long swim home

You can have as many rooms as you wish

The Officers can sleep over there

Health and safety lads.

Diversion to Ireland

Pat Molloy, Comcen Camp Langata,

Reminds me of Kilworth

There are 9 Million Bicycles in Freetown

The Roads have not got better,
they have got bigger.

So that's where the AMLs went

Sending a message by HF to Liberia
from sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Police

What, take it back.

Ray Mooney

Mongolian Troops on guard at
Special Courts, Freetown

Base Camp 94th Bn Liberia

96 Inf Bn

Patrol in Monrovia, Lineria

Swedish CV90