Anniversary and Presentations

Father Piotr, Michael OConnor, Dave Kerin

Lt Col Robbie Kiely addressing those in attendance

Michael OConnor thanking all, that attended

Frankie Quinlivan

BPSSOs in attendance

- -, Michael OConnor

Eamon ORiordan, Peter Mac, Tommy Farrell and Mike ODriscoll, waiting for the food

John Lynch, Gerry Barry, Stan Hurley, Michael OConnor, Cyril Shanahan, Pat McCormack

Christy OConnor, Vinny Lyons, Pat McMahon, Michael OConnor, Mick Egan

Christu OConnor wishing Mike all the best in his retirement

BPSSO Staff, - -, - Drohan, Father Peter, Mike OConnor, Dave Kerin, Des Connolly

Nicky McNamara, Gerry McNamara

- Drohan

Sgt Major Stan Hurley, and Lt Col Robbie Kiely making the presentation to Sgt Michael OCoonor on his retirement

Stan Hurley, Mike OCOnnor, Cyril Shanahan

Peader Fahy, Dermot Cummins, Frankie Quinlivan, Nicky McNamara, Mike OConnor, Kevin OGrady, John Lynch, discussing the forthcoming retirements of those still serving.

12th Bn Officers and Senior NCOs on Parade

50th Anniversary Mass

Receiving new Company Pennants

Bn on Parade

Barney Goulding, T Flemming

Officers 12th Bn


Kevin OCallaghan, Liam Slattery

Bill Hilliard, Vinny Lyons

Deirdre and Mick Finucane

- -, Christy Kelly, Eugene OConnell

- -, Foxy Morrissey, - -, Tom Grace, Mick Finucane, - -, Liam Kenny, Rama Walsh

- -, Noel Kelly, Noel Kelly Snr

Pat Hnchey, Pa Ahern, Josh Carroll, Johnny Carroll, - -, Donie Ahern, Charlie Hennigar, Ger Oleary, Danny Cooke

- Fitzpatrick, Tony Liddy, Dave Browne, Pa OBrien, Micksy OShea, Liam Slattery, Mikey McEvoy, Rama Walsh

Alex Oneill, Mick Egan, Peter McNamara, Johnny McCormack, Jimmy Constable, Ger Jackson

Bill Hilliard, Mick Dillon, Mike OConnor

Bernard Ledger, Jamsie Walsh

Billy McNamara, Stan Hurley, Frosty McCormack, - -,

Billy McNamara, Mick Egan, Denis Carroll, Tony Stack

Brendan ORegan, Robert Gardiner

Carrick group on Tour, with Charlie Hennigar

Cecil McMahon, Mick Finnan, congratulating each other.

Charlie Hennigar, John Relihan, Liam Kenny, Frank Quinlivan

Colin Haugh, Ken OBrien

Cooks on Parade

Colum Ryan, Johnny McCormack

Cyr Thompson, is it that way

Denny -, Foncie ODonnell, Joe Nash

Donie Ahern, Josh Carroll, Colin Haugh, Johnny Carroll

Dom Allen, Martin Neill RIP

Donie Ahern, Mikey McEvo, Mick ODonnell, Billy McNamara, Donie -,

Donie Ahern, Pa Ahern, Josh Carroll

Donie Ahern, Tommy Boyce, Josh Carroll

Dave Browne, I only borrowed it

Christy Pickford, Ger Hannon

Pa Ahern, Ger Enright, John McCarthy

Dave Browne, Pa Obrien, Micksy OShea, Mick Finucane, Mikey McEvoy

Danny Coote, Jimmy Constable, - -, Mick Woodland, Jackie Clancy

Deirdre Finucane, Dermot OKeffee

Dusty OReilly, Ken Obrien, Colum Ryan

Eugene Shanahan, Cyril Shanahan, Frosty McCormack, Dermot OKeffee, Mick Haslam, Rama Walsh

Fish Ahern, Blondie Fitzpatrick, Dermot Cummins, Mrs Fitzpatrick, Frankie Quinlivan

Foncie ODonnell, Joe Nash, Colin Haugh, Ken OBrien

Frosty McCormack, Billy McNamara, John Mullane

Gerry Mitchell, Sean Hogan

Ger OLeary, Ger Clohessy, Tony Ledger

Ger OLeary, Jackie Clancy, Eugene OConnell

Jerome Deloughrey, Tony Hogan, Cecil McMahon, Pa Hogan, Mick ODriscoll

John Hickey, Ritchie Brennan

Johnny McCormack, Charlie Hennigar, Peader Fahy

Johnny McCormack, Jimmy McCarthy

Josh and Johnny Carroll

Kieran McEvoy, Nicky McNamara

Ken OBrien, Billy McGrath, Eugene OConnell

Ken OBrien, Colin Haugh, Nicky McNamara

Ken OBrien, Donie Ahern, Tommy Boyce, Butcher OGrady, Josh Carroll, Ger Hannon, Nicky McNamara

Ken OBrien, Tom Grace

Mick Hogan, Mick Reddan, Dermot Cummins

Mark Summers and wife

Mess Ladies

Des Power

Philip Hayes, Kieran McEvoy, Martin Bedford

Pa Hogan, Willie OShuaghnessy

Blondie Fitzpatrick, John ONeill, Ger McNamara

Mick OBrien and the lads from Tralee

Mick OConnor, Sean Hogan

Mick ODriscoll, Alfie Earls, Paul Hogan, Colin Haugh, John ONeill, Mick OConnor

Mick ODriscoll, Ger Hogan RIP, Pa Hogan, Mick Duffy, Mick Dillon

Peader Fahy, Stan Hurley

Paddy Gleeson, Martin Bedford, Mick Obrien, Billy McGrath, - -,

Paddy Gleeson, Mick Gleeson, Billy McGRath, - -,

Pat Hinchey, Synan OCallaghan, Mikey McEvoy, Murty Hanley, John Moore

Pakie Kelly, Alfie Earls

Paul Ledger, Billy Butler

Paulie Power, John Tolton, Pa Hogan, Johnny McCormack, Martin Bedford, Willie OShaughnessy

Rama Walsh, Kevin OCallaghan

Rama Walsh, Liam Kenny

Stephen Boyce, Stephanie Boyce, Tommy Boyce, Gerry Mitchell, Sean Hogan

Seamie Finucane, Paul Hogan, Kevin Hanley, Noel Kelly

Stan Hurley, Dermot Cummins, Paul Ledger, - -, - -, John Thompson

Sean Hogan, Johnny Carroll

Seanie Hogan, Martin Bedford, Willie OShaugnessy, Mick OBrien

Tommy Boyce, Ken OBrien

Tony Hannon, Rory Flynn, Billy Curtin, Tony OSullivan, Cyril McSweeney

Tom Leahy, Eddie Lillis, Pat Duffy, Philip Hayes

Tony Ledger, Ger Clohessy, Pat Hanley, Eddie Byrnes

Tom Leahy, Pat Duffy, Philip Hayes

Vinny Lyons, Mick ODonnell, Tex Regan

Tom Grace, Johnny McCormack

- Walsh, Rama Walsh


Billy Fisher, Stan Hurley

Dave ODwyer, Stan Hurley

Gerry Williams, Stan Hurley

--, Stan Hurley

Liam Daly, Stan Hurley

Mick Malone, Stan Hurley

Maurice OLeary, Stan Hurley

Niall Gorey, Stan Hurley

Pat Hinchey, Stan Hurley

PJ Hogan, Stan Hurley

Stan Hurley, - -,

Stan reading out your career details.

- -, Stan Hurley

Tadgh McCarthy, Stan Hurley

Tom ODea, Stan Hurley

Tony Stack, Stan Hurley

Stan Hurley, Tom Costelloe

PJ Ryan, John Fennessy

Joe Morrissey, Stan Hurley

Mike OConnor, John Lynch, John Fennessy, Rama Walsh